HTC Will Update Their Most Important Devices to Android M, Including The One M8

The secure Taiwanese manufacturers that we could accuse him of many things, not in vain its results have gone sharply in recent times in an infinite fall that HTC is not able to retrieve.

However, surely most of us agree if you ask us what better HTC worked with their latest devices, and is that the work of the Taiwanese software has been impeccable.

First process lightened of HTC Sense, necessary to atomize the different owners of HTC application support unless this particular wait on Android updates, and then the support of own updates to the operating system, which is still the best on the market.

HTC again confirms that It maintains support to their most important smartphone from Android Lollipop, and even Mo Versi – Vice President of HTC product management – said on Twitter that One M8 will officially receive their update to Android M:

@sonsonnetwork @HTCUSA Thanks Pierrette! Appreciate your support. Yes, the M8 will receive the M OS update.

— Mo Versi (@moversi) June 30, 2015

Obviously, nothing dates to the arrival of this firmware, as there are still a few weeks of development until Google releases the final versions of Android M, so patience.

That Yes, if you have an HTC One M8 can breathe easy, because you will have Android updated at least one more year. Good news, isn’t it?