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On March 25, 2001, Iceland became a member of the Schengen Agreement. In order to travel to Iceland, you need to apply for a Schengen visa. Visa applications are accepted at the Denmark Visa Application Centre, located at the address: 115054, Moscow, st. Dubininskaya, 35 (Paveletskaya metro station) +7 (495) 775 60 19 in Moscow or +7 812 272 69 09 in St. Petersburg,

from 9:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday.

Required Documents:

– visa application form and supplementary information form, completed in full in English and signed by the applicant;

– two recent color photographs (size 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm) against a light background;

– Passport valid for at least 3 months after the expiration date of the requested visa. (Other travel documents must be valid for at least 6 months after the requested visa expires).

– copies of all pages of the foreign passport;

– other valid and/or canceled international passports;

– copies of all pages of another valid and/or canceled passport;

– copies of all pages of the internal passport;

– confirmation of hotel reservation in Denmark (Iceland);

– confirmation of employment from the employer of the applicant (Certificate of Employment) indicating the details of the company, stamp and signature of the responsible person. Employment confirmation must contain the following information: date of employment, position, period of vacation, guarantee that the place will be retained by the applicant upon return from vacation;

– if the applicant is a student or student, it is necessary to submit a certificate from the university or school confirming the status;

– if the applicant is a private or individual entrepreneur, the Embassy requires to provide: the original (and a copy) of the certificate of registration of a private or individual entrepreneur, the original (and a copy) of the certificate of registration with the Tax Inspectorate, a copy of the statement of income for the accounting period with the seal of the Tax Inspectorate;

– evidence (bank statement, cash, traveler’s checks) that the applicant has 50 euros per day;

– the original (and a copy) of the international health insurance valid throughout the Schengen area. The insurance coverage must be at least 30,000 euros or its equivalent and cover all risks, including accident, illness, emergency medical hospitalization, etc. Please note that the insurance must be valid for 15 days more than the intended period of stay, as The embassy issues visas for a period of 15 days more in accordance with the Schengen rules, allowing the traveler to change the dates of entry and / or exit, but not the number of days;

– if the applicant is a minor, the Embassy requires a copy of a notarized consent to travel from the parents;

– original and copy of air ticket in both directions;

Note: The Embassy may request additional documentation or call the applicant for an interview. In accordance with the Schengen rules, the visa fee is non-refundable.

Import and export of national and foreign currency is not limited. Up to 3 kg of food products with a total value of not more than 13,000 ISK, 1 liter of spirits and 1 liter of wine, or 1 liter of spirits and 6 liters of beer, or 1 liter of wine and 6 liters of beer, or 2,25 liters of wine, up to 200 cigarettes or 250 gr. other tobacco products.

Fishing equipment, riding equipment and riding clothes that were not in Iceland must be disinfected, if the disinfection takes place in Iceland, then you will need to pay for it.

It is forbidden to import medicines containing narcotic and other dangerous substances, raw meat and various meat products, raw milk and raw eggs, all types of weapons into the country (permit is required for their import).

Iceland, embassy website:

Embassy in Iceland

Iceland, Embassy in Moscow
The Embassy in Moscow is located at 121069, Khlebny per. 28, metro station Barrikadnaya.

Tel. + 7 (495) 956 76 04

The Embassy of Iceland in Moscow does not process visas, this is done by the Danish Visa Application Center located at the address: 115054, Moscow, st. Dubininskaya, 35 (Paveletskaya metro station) +7 (495) 775 60 19 in Moscow or +7 812 272 69 09 in St. Petersburg.

Iceland, embassy website:

Iceland, Russian Embassy in the country:
Reykjavik, Gardastraeti 33.


Fax: 8-10-354-5-620633.

Communication in Iceland

Payphones are on the streets of large cities. From here you can call anywhere in the world. Also, an international call can be made at any post office.

In order to call to Russia, you need to dial 00 – 7 – area code – subscriber number.

In order to call Iceland from Russia, you need to dial 10 – 354 – area code – subscriber number. The Reykjavik code is 5.

Emergency Phones in Iceland

Ambulance, police, firemen – 112.

January 1 – New Year’s Day

May 1 – Labor Day

June 17 – Independence Day

First Monday of August – Trade Day

December 25 – Christmas Day

Traveling alone in Iceland is not recommended. The crime rate is low here, but the natural expanses of the island are vast and full of surprises, so it is better to hire a guide.

According to ehuzhou, shops are open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Supermarkets are open until 11 pm throughout the week.

When you leave the country, you can receive up to 15% of the value of the goods you purchased, but the amount of purchases in one store must exceed 4000 ISK. To receive money at the airport, you must provide a refund receipt issued at the store, as well as the product itself.

Tipping is not customary in Iceland and is usually included in the bill.

Icelanders are outwardly restrained, but very attentive and courteous.

220V, 50Hz;

No special vaccinations are required to enter the country. Be sure to take out medical insurance.

Iceland Visa