Iconic Makeup: the Outlined Kitten of Amy Winehouse

Everything on Amy Winehouse was intense, since the unique voice to make that turned your trademark. The eyeliner kitten accompanied the singer 24 hours a day and was part of the composition of your retro style, which included hair with volume and dresses. Even after late in 2011, Amy continued to be an icon of music and to inspire people around the world. Know the main details that the diva wore to compose your iconic makeup and learn tips on how to make at home.

Kitty retro and rocker

Born in the years 1960, the eyeliner kitten that was synonymous with a sexy and feminine style, won a Bohemian attitude with Amy. As well as the singer, the trace was more daring than the classic version, with a greater thickness and an elevation that was after eyebrow line. Anyone who wants to put into practice, should invest in the night and in more glamorous locations where a more elaborate eye is very welcome.

Combines with what?

As wore eyeliner at all times and at any time of the day, Amy was usually the combination with pink blush and lipstick color of mouth. When using any color on the lips, the singer would rather the reds and roses more closed. In his eyes the black shadow across the eyelid and lighting points in the inner corner of the eyes completed the area. In a few rare times, Amy risked a obliterated along with the dash and the formula had a special shading to look.

Get the outlined of Amy at home

The secret to getting the look of English is to have steady hands. Who does not have this feature as a strong point, you can bet on the eyeliner pencil as the ideal tool for execution. As the line is thick, the secret is to draw first and fill in after-this way the chances of shaking and blurring are smaller.

Start passing the pencil close to the eyelashes and, when you get close to the outside corner, climb a little diagonally toward the eyebrow. Join the tip of that dash in a straight back in the corner of the eye making a triangle. After that just fill the empty area with the black pencil and outlined your kitten will be ready.