Imot Expert Gives Tips for Choosing the Perfect Backpack

The classes are returning and many parents take advantage of this phase to choose a backpack for children use until the end of the school year. However, before checking the model most appropriate, aesthetically the Imot specialist, Rossini Tavares de Lima, gives tips and warning that we need to look at some factors that are important for the protection of students’column. After all, carry a weight above the ideal, improperly, can be quite harmful to posture and Spine health of the young.

One of the items to be observed in the choice of backpack is the weight borne by her is divided equally between the two shoulders so as not to cause overload in one. “In addition, the ideal is that the handles of the bags have 4 to 5 cm wide and the total weight to be loaded does not exceed 10% of the body weight of the child,”Lima, orthopedist that integrates Team Imot the expert stresses that the backpack should be on waist of the child.

During the course of the school activities, Rossini notes that it is important to note the daily life of the child. “If there are complaints of pain or see any addiction, it is necessary to seek medical attention immediately,”says the doctor.

This is because, in the long run, spinal deformities may occur, being the most common kyphosis of them. “A problem may start as postural but can be worsen due to the immaturity of the child bone, turning into an irreversible pathology”, stresses.

To those who opt for the trolley backpacks, which are pulled by hands, some care must be adopted. “At first, we need to see the path to be traversed, the irregularities on sidewalks can be major obstacles. And, especially, the rise of stairs, which can focus the weight and require a lot of effort of the child”, concludes Rossini.

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