Impala Spring / Summer Enamel Collection

The trends for 2013 have already begun to appear and to infect all of us with the mood of novelty and, as expected, the enamel collections promise and have already reached a landslide.

Summer Enamel Collection 2

The Impala spring / summer 2013 enamel collection has descended from the catwalks right here to IMulher, so you can know the trends and beautiful colors that Impala has prepared for all of us!

“The beauty of the ocean translated in color,” as the brand’s own site qualifies. Impala sought in the softness and delicacy of the pearls and plants, in the beautiful colors of the corals and in the transparency of the water, the inspiration to create their new collection on ITYPEJOB: Colors of the Ocean.

The names of the enamels follow the climate of the collection, being called feet in the sand, sweet ocean, living water and crystalline blue, for example. Are you going to say that you do not want to drop everything and throw yourself on the road to the edge of the sea?

The Impala enamel collection is once again beautiful! Check out each of the colors and our impression on each of them and go now to buy your favorite enamel among all these (or several of them!).

Summer Enamel Collection 1

Impala Ocean Colors Collection

Crystalline Blue

Certainly this inspiration came from the crystalline and transparent waters. An enamel that combines light and dark blue with small particles of gliter. A drag!

Pearl Of The Sea

Just read the name to find out where this classic and super occasional color came from! It’s that kind of enamel that is a must have and that goes well for any occasion. I loved that shade of pink. Is that you?


I think you agree that the living waters are all we hate on the beach, but will you say that this glaze does not make us sympathize a little more with the name? It combines the pearly lilac color with some reflections of gray and is sure to make it successful!

Summer Enamel Collection 3

Feet On The Sand

This is my favorite name, as it is what most brings me to the beach and, consequently, to the summer! The feet in the sand is an enamel blending colors like a red (more to the edge) with a pearly effect and shades in gold, making reference to the name. But I confess that, unlike the name, it’s not my favorite color!


I still do not know if I like this color or not. I have the impression that the coverage will not be good or that it will be a little colorless. What do you think? Good, but the idea of ​​the Impala is a very light green, with the pearly effect that is present also in almost all the others.

Sweet ocean

Did we ever think we would call it a classic blue enamel? This is, for me, the best definition for the sweet ocean of Impala. One of those blue ones to carry inside the bag and always use! And, as the collection commands, this one also carries light pearly effects!

Mermaid Shine

Let’s combine that the Impala has rocked the creation of the enamel luster of the mermaid! This t endência fish scale in glazes is everything and the shades of green are beautiful! For me, it is the most beautiful enamel in the collection!

Coral red

A collection without a good red enamel does not exist and the red coral is there to not let us lie! Of all, it is the most basic and traditional, but it is still beautiful and, sure enough, it is another of the collection that will rock in these seasons!