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In the state of Indiana, discover nature at the Great Lakes, idyllic hiking trails to waterfalls and the metropolis of Indianapolis. The state of Indiana in the Midwest of the United States also bears the nickname “The Hoosier State”, its inhabitants are called “Hoosier” – however, the origin and meaning of the name are controversial.

Agriculture is a large industry in Indiana. Maize, tobacco, soybeans and wheat are grown on extensive farms. The capital of the rural state is Indianapolis.


Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Park offers visitors several miles of sandy beach and dunes along the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes. On clear days you can see the skyline of Chicago in Illinois or Milwaukee in Wisconsin from here. The region is particularly popular with campers and offers, in addition to hiking and swimming, many other options for actively spending your vacation.

Visit one of the state’s few lighthouses in Michigan City. Another natural beauty is the Clifty Falls State Park near the city of Madison. In the nature reserve, hiking routes of various levels of difficulty lead through the Clifty Creek Canyon and past four waterfalls such as the Tunnel Falls. The longest underground river in the United States can be viewed in the Bluespring Caverns cave system in southern Indiana. Those interested in culture will find what they are looking for in the Indianapolis metropolitan region. In the center of the city, a gigantic memorial for the fallen soldiers of the American Civil War rises more than 86 meters. In the same square is the neo-Gothic Christ Church Cathedral from 1857. The famous Indianapolis 500 car race takes place in the city once a year.

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The temperate continental climate is characterized by warm to hot summers and winters with temperatures around zero. The best time to travel is between May and October.

The Hoosier State is not served directly from Germany, Chicago is best suited as a connecting airport. The time difference between Eastern Standard Time and CET is six hours.

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The annual Indy 500 is one of the oldest, most spectacular and most traditional car races in the world.


Ingenuity and creativity are paramount here. Interactive activities let children discover the world in a playful way.


The legendary Horseshoe Hammond Casino is a favorite destination for all fortune-seekers. A great playground for adults.


The national park at the southernmost point of Lake Michigan fascinates with an endless dune landscape and wonderful beaches.

Indiana Zip Codes