Instagram Toughens Rules on Harassment, Nudity and Copyright

The Instagram has a rather nebulous history when it comes to the rules for posting photos on the platform. The service has been heavily criticized for taking air photos of women breastfeeding while at the same time allowing other types of nudity. This week the rules were a little clearer, in what must be one of the biggest changes in terms of Instagram in recent years.

From now on Instagram specifically allows “photos of scars caused by mastectomy and breast-feeding women” and the same applies to the nudity in images of paintings and sculptures. At the same time the new guidelines say they are not allowed photos they consider pornographic, including “photos, videos and some content created digitally showing sex, fully exposed genitals and close-ups of buttocks.”

In addition to dictate the rules involving nudity, Instagram also made clearer what users can do in terms of harassment or violence, saying they will remove from service “real threats or hate speech, personal information in order to blackmail or harass someone. “This type of person will not be welcome in the service.

Already on copyright, the guidelines are now much clearer: “Remember to publish authentic content and not to publish anything that you have copied or obtained from the Internet without having the right to publish.” Nothing to steal photos of little friends.

As before, users who do not obey the rules will be warned. Repeat offenders will have their accounts deleted summarily platform.