Invest in Lighting to Make the Rooms More Sophisticated House

A good design can change environment decoration, creating unique and versatile locations

Mount the new House is not easy. Renovations, furniture and decoration should be thought. And one of the most important parts of the House is the lighting. With a wide variety of lamps, chandeliers and lamps, often make the decision of how to brighten up the home can be more complex than you think, and require a careful choice. So, we’ve prepared some tips to stress environments and furniture and let the new House even more cozy.

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Places like the living room, bedroom, dining room and home office also can have a cozy and intimate atmosphere, or practical and versatile, in accordance with the desire of the couple. That’s why the projects Manager win highlights in decoration, for distributing harmoniously the application of artificial lights, both internal and external environments.

The architect and urban planner Andrew Bove, of the Enterprise Architecture, emphasizes that a Raduan good lighting design can change the environment: “we can, with lighting, light scenes, creating atmospheres and feelings.”.

An example of artificial lighting is the lighting fixture. By suit to the most diverse environments, they make decorative functions, turning the rooms in impressive locations. Are also ideal for headboards and dining rooms, with furniture as the table and chairs, in addition to other objects, such as decorative vases.

However, the choice of lamps, chandeliers and lamps must be thought out and planned, especially in items quantity and arrangement, as the guarantor André: “it is necessary to measure them in environments that will be used, so the importance of a project database”.

Another tip is refers to the choice of lamps. Currently, the led lights have been very used to compose the environment and despite the higher cost compared to the other, offer a better cost-benefit, have prolonged life and do not burn easily.

“To leave a warm the suggestion is to use yellow light bulbs (warm white). Already in environments, such as the kitchen and work area, it’s worth using cold lamps (white), “advises Andrew.

Tips on lighting fixtures, chandeliers and lamps with affordable prices – you can join decoration and variety of objects to compose your database project with affordable prices. Split up for you some options. Check out: