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Hilly plains with rural charm characterize Iowa, the state between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers border the US state of Iowa to the west and east. Hilly plains, which are mainly used for agriculture, characterize the state in the Midwest of the USA.

Corn, soybeans and potatoes are grown here, which gives the name Corn State. Named after the tribe of the Iowa Indians, it bears the nickname Hawkeye State in tribute to the chief Black Hawk. Des Moines has been the federal capital since 1857.


Especially the larger cities in Iowa have numerous attractions. In Des Moines, the gilded dome of the State Capitol offers an impressive sight. Art lovers will find what they are looking for in the Des Moines Art Center. The suburb of Urbandale brings the agricultural life of the past centuries to life in the open-air museum Living History Farms. Dubuque is located on the American Mississippi. Numerous 19th-century buildings such as the County Courthouse shape the image of the old town.

The Effigy Mounds National Monument in northeast Iowa is an archaeological reserve and memorial in one. Discover the so-called mounds, man-made hills that once served as funeral and cult buildings. The Amana Colonies are the legacy of Pietist immigrants from Germany and are best known for their handicrafts. A rural idyll characterizes these settlements, which were designated National Historic Landmarks in 1965. In the west of the state, the lakes of the Iowa Great Lakes are popular terrain for anglers. With the Grotto of the Redemption cave system, West Bend houses the largest grotto in the world, which is decorated with scenes from the life of Jesus.

Travel tips and best travel time

Iowa is characterized by the continental climate typical of the Midwest with extremes in cold and warmth. Summers are characterized by high humidity. A vacation is therefore particularly recommended in spring and autumn.

Traveling from Europe is possible at several airports, including the Des Moines International Airport. The Central Standard Time there has a time difference of minus seven hours compared to Central European Time.

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The Amana Colonies, known for traditional handicrafts, originated in 1843 from a German religious community.

Iowa Zip Codes