iPad: A Film Tour Through (Previously Unknown) 3rd Party Apps

Who is already interested in hardware features?

iPad: A Film Tour Through (Previously Unknown) 3rd Party Apps
Certainly, the eternal hype around Apple’s latest creation is also bordering on long-term “fanboys” like ours to the area of ​​the generally tolerable. Notwithstanding the existing Flame Wars, one can note, however, that the iPad as well as its “small” predecessors iPhone and iPod touch does not eat from a rambling hardware equipment, but the main attention once again on the numerous apps. This was, and is likely to be, the small difference between Apple’s competition. The product alone may not win a flower head, but the ecosystem creates the necessary added value. Since Saturday are now also the gates for corresponding 3rd party apps open-I take the opportunity and took a look into the current bestseller lists, apart from the previously propagated solutions.

iPad A Film Tour Through (Previously Unknown) 3rd Party Apps 1

In this context, I would also like to criticize a point within the product presentation of the app store. Even nowadays still, Apple allows it to display only screenshots to the background of the programs, any films for the purpose of looking in vain or ultimately on YouTube. It was a pleasure for me to take over this work for our readers. Now, however, to a handful of apps.

Sketchbook Pro from Autodesk, $ 7.99 ( US App Store link )

As the name suggests, a full-featured graphics program for Apple’s iPad. By the way, withIdeas from Adobe synonymous with a free alternative, of which I could not make a video.

Starwalk for iPad from Vito Technology Inc., $ 4.99 ( US App Store link )

iPad A Film Tour Through (Previously Unknown) 3rd Party Apps 2

The planetarium for the iPad, including interaction with the environment thanks to compass function.

X-Plane for iPad from Laminar Research, 9.99 Dollar ( US App-Store-Link )

The world-famous flight simulator now also on the iPad. I am honest, looks damn good!

Desktop Connect from Antecea Inc., $ 11.99 (US App Store link )

Windows and Mac OS X on the iPad? Well, with a remote software like Desktop Connect no problem.

iPad A Film Tour Through (Previously Unknown) 3rd Party Apps 3

Twitterrific for iPad2 reviewed by Thereligionfaqs, free of charge (US App-Store-Link )

There are also free apps for the iPad, like the now available Twitter client for the tablet.

Overall, it is clear that the prices for iPad apps are partly a lot of their iPhone counterparts-understandable, considering the often grown features. Already the single available apps promise clearly desire for more-success for Apple repeatedly pre-programmed, one would like to mean.