Isabelli Fontana Bet on Makeup with Graphic

Isabelli Fontana top innovated in makeup to attend the feast of Coach X Serpentine The Future Contemporaries Party, held in London, in England, last Saturday (21). To make featured an lined chart that mixed the traditional black with yellow, giving a relaxed touch and completing the glamorous look all black model. In the mouth, the choice was also daring, with a lipstick, which tom was between Brown and the wine.

Eyes with outlined were graph featured in the production

Without doubt, your eyes Isabelli stole the scene: the make had a delineated black kitten, with the thin stroke, which was pulled close to the line of the upper and lower lashes. At the bottom, the line began in the middle of the eyelashes, ensuring a more open look. Even with the black eyeliner, a parallel risk to the kitten, which ensured the graphic style of production and a modern look. To top it off, we used a yellow eyeliner, the route was started in the inside corner of the eye and followed the outlined black until the end of the stroke.

This kind of sketchy, mixing different colors and artwork has been featured in fashion weeks. An option seen on the runway is to combine different shades of the same color, like dark blue and light blue, for example. In addition to this alternative, it is also possible to use vibrant shades of EYELINERS over shadows more sober, ensuring a balance. For the more daring still worth using different colors of outlined, one for the top of the eyes and one for the bottom.

Isabelli Fontana still in makeup from was applied a white pencil on the waterline, giving the impression that the model’s eyes were bigger. This strategy applies to let all the attention focused on the designed double and ensure greater smoothness, since if it were used a black pencil, could be loaded.

Brown lipstick completed the make

The boldness of the top was not only in the eyes, the chosen color for the lips also surprised. Isabelli preferred to escape the commonplace and chose a lipstick with discrete tone of Brown with a reddish background. However, the bold choice combined with colored eyes, giving a touch of color on the make.