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For a trip to Jamaica for a period of not more than 30 days, a visa is not required. You will simply have your passport stamped at the airport immigration office upon arrival. To do this, you must have a passport, confirmation of booking a hotel room, confirmation of sufficient funds and a return ticket, you also need to pay about 25 US dollars. You can apply for a visa at the embassy of the country, but in Russia it is not.

The import and export of foreign currency is not limited, and the import and export of local currency is prohibited. You can import duty-free up to 200 cigarettes (50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco), up to 1.3 liters of strong alcoholic beverages (excluding rum), up to 1.3 liters of wine, up to 150 grams. perfume, 340 ml of eau de toilette, as well as gifts worth up to 40 Jamaican dollars. The import of narcotic, poisonous and explosive substances, firearms, fresh flowers and plants, honey, fruits, non-canned meat and vegetables, as well as coffee is prohibited. It is forbidden to export exotic animals and birds, antiques, including those found at the bottom of the sea, as well as fur and leather products without appropriate documents.

Embassy in Jamaica

Jamaica, embassy in Moscow
There is no Jamaican embassy in Russia.

Jamaica, Russian Embassy in the country:
22 Norbrook Drive, Kingston 8

Tel.: 924-10-48

Fax: 925-82-90

Contact in Jamaica

In every city on the streets there are pay phones that work with coins and cards. You can make an international call from telephone exchanges located in large hotels and post offices. In order to call Jamaica, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 1876 – area code – subscriber number. In order to make a call from Jamaica to another country, you need to dial 011 – country code – area code – subscriber number.

Emergency Phones in Jamaica

Ambulance and fire service – 110

Police – 119

January 1st – New Year’s Day

February 13th – Atonement Day

May 23rd – Labor Day

August 1st – Emancipation Day

First Monday of August – Independence Day

October 21st – National Heroes Day

25th – Christmas

Every year at the end of July, a reggae festival is held near Montego Bay Jamaica’s Reggae Sumfest. The holiday is held in a nature reserve, where you need to get by canoe by torchlight. A colorful carnival takes place every year in April, the most striking carnival is held in Kingston, where costumed processions take place.

A significant part of the local population lives below the poverty line, so outside of the tourist centers you should not travel alone. Marijuana smoking is recognized as part of the national culture, but it is still not enshrined in laws, so tourists should be careful and refrain from buying and using marijuana. Traffic on the roads of Jamaica is on the left.

According to ehuzhou, shops are open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Tipping Tips
in hotels and restaurants are usually already included in the bill.

The indigenous population absorbed a mixture of African and English traditions. A movement such as Rastafari is widespread. Adherents of this movement are characterized by pacifism and ritual smoking of marijuana. The most famous representative of Rastafari is Bob Marley, a reggae singer who is considered a kind of deity for the current generation.

110V, 60Hz;

No special vaccinations are required to enter the country. Before the trip, do not forget to take out medical insurance. It is recommended to refrain from eating unwashed vegetables and fruits. Jamaica has a fairly high rate of AIDS. There are also a lot of blood-sucking insects, so use repellents.


The Blue Mountains are a favorite destination for hikers and cyclists. In addition to visiting the national park of the same name, during the trip you can visit coffee plantations where the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is produced. The mountainous area of the Cockpit Country will be of interest to experienced tourists, because it is still little explored.


In the waters of the Caribbean off the coast of Jamaica 700 species of fish live, among which you can find barracudas, moray eels, marlins and dolphins, and sea turtles come to local beaches to lay eggs. The most beautiful places for diving are located in the north of Jamaica, here under water you will see coral reefs that form vertical walls, underwater grottoes and caves, as well as sunken ships. Among the most popular dive sites are the Throne Room, which is located near Negril, and the wreck of Catherine. The water here is very clear and visibility is about 30m.


Surfing is best practiced on the north and east coasts of Jamaica, east of Port Antonio, and also on Long Bay.


For lovers of rafting on the island, rafting is organized on the Martha Brae and Black River on bamboo rafts.

Jamaica Visa