Justice Extinguishes Process Suspending Uber Operation in Brazil

Last week, the Union of Drivers and Workers of the State of São Paulo taxi companies (Simtetaxi – SP) filed a lawsuit against the Uber app. With the process also reached a preliminary injunction that called for the suspension of the Uber use in Brazil, as well as its withdrawal from the app store Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. The process was extinguished today.

According to news agency Reuters, the dismissal of the case took place by order of Judge Fernanda Gomes Camacho, the 19th civil court of São Paulo. In the opinion of the judge, the lawsuit filed by the union “should have been forwarded by the prosecution”, as the entity “would not have legitimacy to collective action.” The lawyer defending the union disagrees and says the judge “is not leaving taxi drivers to defend themselves or individually, or through labor union.” Despite the process of extinction, the union does not intend to give up and is already planning a new strategy to take the air Uber.

The injunction that forced the app stores of smartphone manufacturers to withdraw the air Uber was also overturned. The fine for if they did not comply with the decision was R $ 100 thousand per day.

In a statement published on his blog, the Uber says that “it is a technology company that connects professional partners drivers to users who want this kind of service. All Uber partners drivers have license to perform a remunerated position, as well as any other professional drivers, including taxi drivers.”

Uber and Shared Economy

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