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The US state is known for the Kentucky Derby, is home to the most extensive cave in the world and is the country of origin of the famous Jim Beam whiskey. The so-called Bluegrass State Kentucky is located in the southeastern United States and is culturally one of the southern states. The former part of Virginia is best known for its horse breeding and whiskey, such as Jim Beam. The landscape is characterized by wide fields as well as dense forests and mountains. Kentucky is slightly larger than Austria and has about four million inhabitants.


The largest city in Kentucky is Louisville. The metropolis on the Ohio River is particularly impressive due to its impressive skyline. The many Victorian-style buildings also give the city a special charm. Louisville is also home to the Kentucky Derby, which is considered to be the most famous horse race in the world. The capital of Kentucky is Frankfort and also worth a visit. A visit to the State Capitol and the whiskey distillery Wild Turkey Distillery is recommended. However, Kentucky also has numerous scenic beauties. The Red River Gorge is particularly popular. This canyon offers visitors impressive views and gorges in the middle of a dense forest. There are also numerous waterfalls to admire here. Because of the many sandstone cliffs, the region is particularly popular with climbers. The Mammoth Cave National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the center of the state, is also worth a visit. The cave there is the largest in the world with an extension of 627 kilometers. The many different limestone cave formations are particularly impressive.

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Kentucky’s largest airport is Louisville International Airport. However, the simplest connection is via the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport. This is located near the city of Covington in Kentucky and offers direct connections to Germany. The time difference to Europe is seven hours. The climate is quite humid and warm, although it can get very cold and snowy in the winter months. The best travel time is therefore from May to October.

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The museum in downtown Louisville is dedicated to the life story of what is probably the most famous boxer of all time.


On the route across Kentucky there are nine bourbon distilleries to visit, including well-known brands such as “Jim Beam”.


Visitors can visit the stables and grandstands of the racecourse as well as the Kentucky Derby Museum and of course also bet themselves!


The magnificent State Park has cottages, campsites, impressive waterfalls and many outdoor activities.

Kentucky Zip Codes