Kenya Travel Advice

Kenya Travel Advice

General information for Kenya

Continent: Africa

Geographical location: Eastern Central Africa, located on the equator

Highest elevation: Batian in the Mount Kenya massif (5,199 m above sea level)

Longest river: Tana (approx. 700 km)

Form of government: Republic System of

Government: Presidential system

Languages: Swahili and English

Neighboring countries: Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia

Capital: Nairobi

Area: Approx. 580,000 km²

Residents: Approx. 47.5 million people (2017)

Population density: 82 people per km²

Religions: Approx. 82% followers of Christianity (23% Roman Catholic, 29% Anglican, Orthodox and African churches, 47% Protestant), 11% Muslim, 1.6% traditional African religions, 0.1% Hindus, 2.4% Non denominational

Currency: Kenya Shilling (KES); 1 EUR is approximately 114 KES.

Climate: Two climate zones: In the highlands above 1800 m above sea level temperatures between 10 degrees and 25 ° C with two rainy seasons from April to June and from October to November. In the coastal region temperatures between 22 and 32 ° C and rain between April and June, humidity around 75 percent.

Time zone: UTC + 3

Area code: +257

Country code: KE, KEN

Electricity: In Kenya, type G sockets are used. The mains voltage is 3 x 240V with a 50Hz change interval. A travel plug adapter is an advantage.

Travel climate in Kenya

Two climatic zones can be distinguished in Kenya. In the highlands, which are over 1800 m above sea level, there are rainy periods from April to June and from October to November. Precipitation usually falls in the afternoon, evening and night. The coldest period is in July and August with around 10 ° C. The warmest time is in January and February with maximum temperatures of around 25 to 26 ° C. It can get a little cooler in the capital Nairobi. The humidity is around 65%. The average rainfall for Nairobi is given as 958 mm per year. At Lake Victoria, the temperatures are a lot higher and the rains are also heavier.

On the coast, on the other hand, the average temperature is between 22 and 32 ° C and the humidity is around 75%. From April to June most of the precipitation falls here. In January and February it is driest on the coast and in the months from October to May the warmest.

Kenya Travel Advice

Transport network in Kenya

Kenya has a road network of around 65,000 kilometers of which around 7,800 km is paved. The road conditions vary widely and in much of the north it is quite poor. Some slopes can become impassable during the rainy season. There is left-hand traffic. Road safety is very limited due to poorly maintained vehicles and the disregard of traffic rules by many road users.

The railway network in Kenya has been expanded to around 3000 kilometers, with the most important connection line between Mombasa and Nairobi.

In addition to the many small airports, there are two international airports in Kenya: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and Mombasa Airport. Mombasa is also the main seaport in Kenya.

Holidays with a fixed date in Kenya

Jan 1.. New Year

May 1 Labor Day

June 1 Madaraka Day

10. Oct. Moi Day

Oct 20th Mashujaa Day (Oct 21st alternative date)

Dec 12th Independence Day

Dec 25th Christmas

Dec 26th Christmas Day

Medical advice for Kenya

For legal reasons, we as a tour operator are not allowed to communicate any binding medical information and therefore refer to the information provided by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Robert Koch Institute and the German Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health

Travel advice for Kenya

You can obtain current travel and safety information, information on entering and leaving the country, as well as special criminal information and recommendations for your stay in Kenya from the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Foreign mission in Kenya

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Nairobi,

administrative district / consular district: In addition to Kenya, the head of the representation is also the ambassador to Somalia and the Seychelles as well as the permanent representative to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the United Nations program for human settlements UN-HABITAT based in Nairobi. The representation supports the embassies Asmara and Bujumbura in legal and consular matters

Place: Nairobi

Street address: Ludwig Krapf House, Riverside Drive 113, Nairobi

Postal address: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, PO Box 30180, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone: +254 20 426 21 00, for emergencies + 254- (0) 721 322 443

Fax: +254 20 426 21 29

Email: Contact form

Website: Official languages

in the host country: English

Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Berlin

(there is another honorary consulate in Hamburg)

Place: Berlin

Street address: Markgrafenstraße 63

Postal address: Markgrafenstraße 63, 10969 Berlin

Telephone: 030 23 45 67 10

Fax: 030 23 45 67 20

E-Mail: [email protected]