Knowledge Graph Google Starts Running in Portuguese

In May, Google announced a feature that let even more complete searches. The Knowledge Graph provides information related to the search term directly on the results page search, such as demographic data of cities, dates birthday painters or names of the children of a scientist. Today the resort began operating in Brazil, with the Knowledge Panel name.

Why the Knowledge Graph took six months to work in Portuguese? The post on Google blog Brazil explains that, to bring the feature to other languages, not enough to translate the texts, you need to make several adjustments. The classic example is football, which has different meanings in the US and Brazil. Also, some people gain more prominence in a particular language, as in the case of Santos Dumont, who is best known in Brazil.

Besides Portuguese, the Knowledge Graph is also adapted to the Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Italian. Remember that you may not have the resource at the moment – it is still being tested and should be released to everyone in the coming weeks. The amount of information available in the Knowledge Panel is huge: are now 570 million entities and 18 billion facts and connections.

(YouTube Video)

What can we expect for the coming months? Perhaps a more complete Google Now in Brazil, answering your questions with voice. The Android already has voice recognition in Portuguese, including offline; Moreover, there is already a Google voice speaking in Portuguese. Now we also have the data, there is little impediment to Google to launch an updated version of his assistant.