Latvia Travel Advice

Latvia Travel Advice

General travel information for Latvia

Continent: Europe

Geographical location: Northern Europe, Baltic States

Highest elevation: Gaising (311 m above sea level)

Longest river: Livonian Aa (452 km)

Form of government: Parliamentary republic System of

Government: Parliamentary democracy

Languages: Latvian

Neighboring countries: Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Estonia

Capital: Riga

Area: Approx. 64,600 km²

Residents: Approx. 1.93 million people (2019)

Population density: Approx. 30 residents per km²

Religions: Approx. 20% Roman Catholic, approx. 12% Protestants, over 40% non-denominational, minorities of Jews, Muslims and pagan religions

Currency: Euro

Travel climate: Cool, moderate travel climate

Time zone: UTC + 2, (March to October) UTC + 3

Area code: +371

Country code: LV, LVA, 428

Electricity: In Latvia type C and F sockets are used. The mains voltage is 220 V with a 50 Hz change interval.

Culture and sights in Latvia

Due to the rich cultural heritage that dates back to the Hanseatic League and beyond, Latvia has a number of cultural sights. The historic city center of Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is the Latvian part of the so-called Struve Arch, a cross-border scientific monument for the geodetic survey arch that begins at Hammerfest in Northern Norway and ends in Ukraine.

One of the most beautiful castles in the Baltic States is Rundale Palace, built in the Baroque and Rococo styles in the Zemgale region – near the town of Bauska.

The natural beauties of Latvia are not only in the four national parks but also in the Tervete Landscape Park

not far from the village of Dobele. Above all, the beautiful beach landscapes on the Baltic coast and in the Riga Bay should definitely be visited during a trip to Latvia.

Holidays in Latvia

January 1st New Year

in April Good Friday

in April Easter Monday

in April Easter Monday

May 1st Labor Day / Convocation of the Constituent Assembly

May 4th Independence Day

May 10th Mother’s Day

In May / June Whit Monday

June 22nd St. John ‘s Day / Midsummer Festival (additional public holiday)

June 23rd Ligo Festival

June 24th St. John’s Day / Midsummer Festival

July 12th Dance and Song Festival of the Young

People Nov. 18th Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia

Dec. 24th Christmas Eve

Dec. 25th Christmas

December 26th day after Christmas

December 31st New Years Eve

Medical information for Latvia

For legal reasons, we as a tour operator are not allowed to communicate any binding medical information for Latvia and therefore refer to the information provided by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Robert Koch Institute and the German Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health.

Travel advice for Latvia

You can obtain current travel and safety information, information on entering and leaving the country, as well as special criminal information and recommendations for your stay in Latvia from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Latvia Travel Advice

Foreign mission in Latvia

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Riga Administrative

District / consular district: Latvia

Place: Riga

Street address: Raina Bulv. 13, 1050 Riga

Postal address: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, PO Box 186, 1050 Riga, Latvia.

Telephone: +371 67 08 51 00, for emergencies +371 29466456

Fax: +371 67 08 51 49

Email: Contact form

Website: Official languages

in the host country: Latvian

Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Berlin

(There are other honorary consulates in Hamburg, Rostock, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Munich)

Location: Berlin

street address: Reinerzstraße 40-41

Postal address: Reinerzstraße 40-41, 14193 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 82 60 02 22

Fax: +49 30 82 60 02 33

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http: //