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On December 21, 2007, Latvia joined the ranks of the Schengen countries. To apply for a short-term tourist visa for up to 90 days, Russian citizens need the following documents:

– a foreign passport valid for at least 3 months from the end of the planned trip,

– a photocopy of a civil passport,

– 2 color photographs 3X4,

– a completed application form,

– a medical insurance,

– the original tour voucher or invitation,

– confirmation of the reservation from the hotel.

Children under 14 years old must provide the original birth certificate, children under 18 years old traveling with one of the parents – a notarized original consent to leave from the second parent.

Import and export of foreign currency is not limited. You can import duty-free into the territory of Latvia industrial goods (not for sale) with a total value of not more than 150 lats, food products with a total value of not more than 15 lats, coffee up to 1 kg (it is forbidden to import raw meat and unpasteurized milk), 1 liter of strong alcoholic beverages, 2 liters of wine, 5 liters of beer (only tourists over 18 years of age are allowed to carry alcoholic beverages), non-alcoholic drinks in a volume of not more than 12 liters, tobacco and tobacco products are allowed to be imported by persons over 18 years of age – 200 cigarettes, or 20 cigars, or 200 gr tobacco.

Weapons and ammunition, medicines and drugs, poisons, animals and livestock products, plants and crop products, hunting trophies are subject to mandatory control during export. The export of amber, historical and artistic values, which include all works of art “over” 50 years old, is limited.

Latvia, Embassy website:

Embassy in Latvia

Latvia, embassy in Moscow
Metro Turgenevskaya, st. Chaplygina, 3

Tel.: 925-27-07,

Fax: 923-92-95.

Latvia, Embassy website:

Latvia, Russian Embassy in the country:
Riga, st. Antonijas, 2

Tel.: (8-0137) 33-2151, 22-0693

Fax: (8-0137) 83-0209

Contact in Latvia

You can call anywhere in the world from Lattelecom’s street payphones, which work with phone cards. which are sold at magazine kiosks, and by credit cards.

To call Latvia, dial 8 – 10 – 371 – area code – subscriber number. Riga code – 2 or 7

To call to Russia, you need to dial 00-7 – city code – subscriber’s number.

Emergency Phones in Latvia

Fire Rescue – 01

Police – 02

Ambulance – 03

January 1 – New Year’s Day

March 25 – Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Communist Terror

May 1 – Spring Festival, Day of Convocation of the Constitutional Assembly of Latvia

May 4 – Independence Day of Latvia

May 8 – Day of Remembrance of the Victims of World War II

June 14 – Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Communist Terror

June 23-24 – Janov’s Day (summer solstice)

July 4 – Jewish Genocide

Memorial Day August 11 – Latvian Freedom Fighters Memorial Day

September 22 – Balts Unity Day

November 11 – Lachplesis Day (Fallen Heroes Memorial Day)

November 18 – Day proclamation of the Republic of Latvia

December 25 – Christmas

All holidays in Latvia are celebrated on a grand scale. The brightest of them is Janov’s Day, it is accompanied by trips to the nature of almost the entire population of the country, the preparation of special dishes and, of course, song festivals throughout the country. Of interest is the National Song Festival, held on the eve of New Year’s Day every 5 years. The large fair of folk crafts and applied arts “Gadatirgis” takes place in Riga on the first weekend of June, the International Organ Music Festival is also held here, in other cities – the Opera Music Festival (Sigulda, July), the Bauska Castle Early Music Festival (July), annual international rock music festival “Liepajas Dzintars” (Liepaja, mid-August), Beer Festival and Rural Chapel Festival (C─ôsis, mid-July),

Since June 27, 2006, smoking restrictions have been introduced in Latvia, according to which smoking in public places – cafes, bars, restaurants, casinos – is allowed only in strictly designated areas marked with a special symbol.

Tourists traveling around Latvia are offered to purchase a special discount card “Riga Card” valid for 24, 48 and 72 hours. It gives you the opportunity to ride trams, trolleybuses and trains to Jurmala and Vecaki for free, and also entitles you to a discount of up to 15% when traveling by Riga Taxi company cars and a 20% discount on visiting museums, exhibitions, some nightclubs and zoo.

According to ehuzhou, shops are open on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00, on Saturday – from 10:00 to 16:00, supermarkets are open around the clock.

From a purchase in one store within one day for an amount of at least 59 lats, tourists have the right to return VAT equal to 18% when leaving the country. To do this, you need to receive a Tax Free check from the seller, do not use the purchased goods on the territory of the country (the factory packaging must be kept) until you receive a customs stamp on the check. The check is presented to the special “Cash Refund” cash desk at the Riga International Airport, the seaport or at land customs points. When leaving by train, the check is only stamped, and the VAT refund is carried out by mail (by transfer to the specified account or by sending a bank check).


Tips are usually included in the bill.

220V, 50Hz;

Be sure to take out medical insurance before traveling to Latvia. No special vaccinations are required to enter the country.

Latvia Visa