Learn How to Scratch the Decor with Geometric Wallpaper

Triangles, squares, rectangles, lozenges, spheres or even a mixture of shapes.When it comes to geometric wallpaper, there is no shortage of ideas to stimulate creativity in decorating, creating sophisticated, owner-like environments.

Trend for years in the United States and Europe, the use of wallpaper has been gaining more and more prominence also in specialized stores in Brazil .

Practical, economical and stylish, they are able to reinvent trends such as giving your home that charming retro air that only geometric prints bring.

But you must be thinking: how to use something so characteristic – geometric, vibrant and colorful – without regret in the rest of the decoration?

So, follow the post we prepared to know everything about this form of décor.

How to get the geometric wallpaper right?

When we talk about wallpaper, the idea is just to repaginate the look of the house without warming its head with mess and paint dust, which seems to never end.Not to mention the mound of brushes scattered around the house, is not it?

But besides being the champions of practicality, they are also ideal options to ally refinement and originality to their environment.

And to ensure this effect, you need to consider some basic rules.After all, the geometric prints have everything in the decoration, but you have to know how to use them.

Rule number one: geometric wallpaper is not fantasy.So be very careful not to mix prints that do not match and end up turning your home into a circus or a playground.

Not to fall into this mistake, it’s simple.Choose the pattern of your choice and leave the rest of the décor clean or minimal.That is, if that vibrant wallpaper will look perfect in your colorful decor , you do not have to give it up!Just ponder the other elements.

Thus, curtains, rugs, cushions and other objects of decoration must be of more neutral colors and less bold formats.Marble or wood elements are also great choices of neutral finishes that allow you to use and abuse the geometric on the walls.

If you’re still afraid of the effect, there’s the trick: start small.First make an application on one of the walls, for example, preferably the main one in the room, and leave the others with plain colors.The result is simpler, but it sure will please!

How to use geometric wallpaper in each room?

As each space of the house has a specific function, we must respect the particularities of each one at the time of composing a decoration with geometric wallpapers.

See how they can work in every corner of the house.

Living room

Both the living room and the dining room are living quarters.So be sure to purchase a quite versatile option, able to please several different tastes.

The more neutral and symmetrical – such as those that combine regular shapes in black and white, for example – may be perfect for these rooms.Those with coppery tones are also trend in the market, and bring ares of luxury and refinement to the environment.

Just remember that the chosen color and pattern should match the patterns of the furniture and other objects of decoration.That goes for any space!


Especially with the trend of gourmet kitchens, it was the time when the kitchen was synonymous with white and bland decor.Therefore, you can abuse in choosing the geometric wallpaper.

Worth everything: from the most classic to the most irregular and colorful patterns.Speaking in color, the hottest ones, such as yellow, orange and red, look great when paired with wood furniture.The colder tones, such as bluish and greenish, harmonize very well with marble finishes.

Double room

In the couple’s bedroom, the choice will depend more on the personality of the owners than on the rules of decoration itself.But to rule out any possibility of error, the trick is to bet on less flamboyant patterns.After all, this is an environment of rest and relaxation.

Children’s bedroom

About the children’s room, what will weigh in the choice is the age of the little ones.If your idea is to decorate the baby’s room, for example, it is best to use discrete geometric lines and pastels.

For older boys and girls , one can dare a little more by choosing asymmetrical or colorful models.

Teenagers, of course, will love having the freedom to select the pattern and color that most fit with them!


As a rule, bathrooms ask for discreet prints and light colors, as they stimulate sensations of amplitude and lightness.But nothing prevents you from separating a corner of the room to dare to choose.

Highlighting the wall of the toilet with a colorful checkerboard, for example, is extremely charming and cheerful.What about?


In the home-office the choice will also depend a lot on the owner’s personality and how he uses the space.Vibrant geometric lines and shades of yellow or orange are perfect for inducing creativity and concentration.

However, it is important to remember that if you choose stronger prints, you must contrast with furniture and other objects in light colors and neutral patterns.That way you avoid weighing the environment or even divert attention when it comes to work.


Yes, this is one more of the wallpapers trends !And nothing can be more creative and stimulating than repaginating that nightstand or cabinet you’ve had for so many years, but it’s still in good shape, is not it?

To give a new face to the old furniture, just choose the geometric print of your preference and apply it entirely on the surface or just some parts that you want to highlight.A good idea is to cover only the drawers or the sides, it’s a charm!

Did you see?With a little creativity and common sense you will be devastated using geometric wallpaper in the decoration of your home, combining refinement, practicality and style.

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