Leather Jackets: Suggestions and Examples of How to Use

After this post talking about the most common types of leather jackets, we go now to the second phase: how to combine this piece of clothing so cool! We inserted some of our suggestions and also set up a gallery of examples of how to leverage this item intelligently.

The Basics With Leather Jackets

Here to be cowardly, because you have this super stylish jacket that it’s for the whole look, then just play the basic parts basic t-shirt, leather jacket’s partner since Marlon Brando made “the wild, the threadbare jeans in the right measure, the boot type boots and cool accessories.Visual lies between the biker and the rocker (without appeal to the perfecto jacket) always timeless, with a touch rebellious, lavishing masculinity.

Here the biker jacket is the normcore look, complete with the mesh in merges, no washing jeans and white sneakers. As attention focuses on the jacket, some Accessories help complement and give a little more spice to the look, especially the scarf/Plaid scarf with contrasting colors.This combination has your dose of simplicity, but I don’t know many limits for your use, is the type of combo for shopping, bar, snack bar or a movie, and even to a workplace liberal, since the fit of the clothes is perfect, a very wide pants or a mesh with too much tissue can compromise the result.

Look more a simple outfit, but who suffers an upgrade thanks to leather bomber jacket! Military style jacket continues on the shirt, but for for not over exaggerating. The tie and the shoe give a more serious, but anything that compromises this combo that also has a shot in your sports watch and canvas belt. You can see that with care you can mix styles without doing something without identity or flashy, isn’t it?

Inspirations And Tips For Using Leather Jacket:

Blouses in merges fall well with leather jackets, in addition the Turtleneck closed by a zipper or buttons can match the models with high lapels or even for those who like to use it up.

Aged brown leather can help people who want to achieve a vintage, to this add classical pieces, tailoring and a tie (can be traditional or butterfly).

This look dusty “all black” gets a more rustic thanks to rebel and worn parts and aged. To achieve a similar visual invest in jeans or with strong wash and grayish tears, t-shirts with themes related to the biker universe or rocker and sanded leather in leather jackets when the shoes or boots. Accessories such as sunglasses and scarf leave more cool combo.

Shirts and jeans or chambrê are perfect to be worn with jackets like the photo, the contrast of the blue with Brown gives vivacity and draws attention without exaggeration; the tie and the chino pants leave the combination most suitable for casual work, but the jacket is well cool, use it sparingly or prefer the ones that have a clean design.

The tone on tone with leather and khaki tones can generate compositions with a hint of adventure, if that’s your spirit is just repeat the formula, but remember to match the accessories also for everything in the same climate.

Just like any piece of winter, leather jackets can be used to make the “layering”, IE, can overlap other layers of pieces such as tricôs, shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts. If the combination of colors is a problem, bet on neutral tones, you can’t go wrong.

For a totally casual look the hoodies (hooded sweaters) are a great choice, especially if combined with premium jeans with effects, washes and etc.

Another option for the leather jacket is the combination with sweater with Turtleneck (or turtle neck), visual gets a more sophisticated touch that can be complemented by a pair of tailoring and a social tie shoes or a dress boot (boot with social footprint).

The leather dyed in bright colors can scare away some men less accustomed to dealing with nonstandard parts, but there’s no need to think of any unusual composition, stay faithful to the basic and leave the jacket be the focal point of the combo. The combination of shoes and belt still stands as if you were wearing a blazer, that is, combine them with pants and don’t worry about the jacket just because it is leather.

The vest is another option more than welcome! Once again we have vintage touch and really makes a nice contrast with the leather jackets, especially the model racer that is right thing to the body, which gives a nice drape.

Clear parts: here is a doubt and that seems to have no space on the look with a leather jacket, usually back to cold weather, when we prefer dark clothes. Do you need to worry, the item in question is versatile enough to match almost anything, just take a look at the image above.

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Details like the stitching on the leather matelasse may give a touch more on jacket and knit with dark tone, totally winter is practically a combination required. Complete with a chino Brown wingtip shoe neutral.

In addition to being extremely cool, often sophisticated and always worshipped, the leather jackets do not limit the creativity of those who use basic cotton t-shirt, pants of tailoring, almost anything can accompany them, you just have to use your creativity and good taste. I know it’s an outfit that is not within the reach of all because of the exorbitant prices charged in Brazil, but it is a good investment in terms of both style and durability.