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Lebanon Resorts and Attractions

Lebanon is a small state with a mountainous relief, located in the Middle East. Shared borders with Syria in the east and north, bordering Israel. According to smb, the capital is Beirut. Currency – Lebanese pound. The official language is Arabic. Religion – Christianity.

The climate in the country is Mediterranean – cool in winter (about 0), hot and humid in summer. Sand and dust storms often occur.

The population of Lebanon exceeds 4 million. people The best way to travel around Lebanon is by car. And renting a car at a rental office is quite simple. To do this, you need an international driver’s license issued at least three years ago and a credit card for collateral. The cost of renting a car in Lebanon will cost you from $30. It should be noted that the roads of Lebanon are safe and in good condition.

Resorts and attractions in Lebanon

Would you like to visit the city, recognized by many as the most ancient city on Earth? And find yourself in the mysterious realm of stalactites and stalagmites, sailing through the underground lake of the beautiful Jeit Grotto? Or maybe you want to taste Arabic sweets or see the famous Lebanese cedars with your own eyes? Tours to Lebanon will give you such an opportunity.

Lebanon is the sunny bliss of the Mediterranean beaches and the splendor of the famous cedar groves, the dazzling whiteness of snow-capped mountains and the blooming luxury of orchards, the bright greenery of vineyards and the stunning beauty of mysterious mountain caves, as well as an exciting acquaintance with amazing monuments of past millennia.

Lebanon is a picturesque land shrouded in ancient legends. However, going on vacation to Lebanon, do not forget that this small country has a complicated history. These lands have seen many wars and bloodshed not only in the past, but also in recent times. Therefore, when choosing a tour to Lebanon, exercise reasonable caution and learn all the details about the current situation in the country.

Lebanon is 50 times smaller than France, but is known as a popular tourist destination. Lebanon is one of the most beautiful countries for recreation and tourism, located on the Mediterranean coast and stands out among others for its beauty, rich history and culture. Often Lebanon is called the cradle of human civilization due to the fact that the country contains a huge number of monuments from different eras. Holidays in Lebanon are beautiful well-groomed beaches and warm sea.

Of course, the rich thousand-year history of these places is the most important wealth of this eastern country. Majestic traces of past eras are found everywhere on Lebanese soil. Whichever Lebanese city you decide to visit – Beirut, Tire, Sidon or Baalbek – in each of them there are interesting places for lovers of antiquity.

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. A typical Beirut landscape is monotonous streets lined with faceless gray houses. If you decide to take a taxi, be sure to bargain, as the initial price of the trip will be 5 times higher than its real cost. From the airport, you can take a taxi to the city center for $6, and the initial price for taxi drivers is $25-30.

But the ancient city of Byblos, which actively functioned and developed even before the advent of the Greek and Roman empires, especially attracts all tourists. It is believed that the age of this city exceeds seven thousand years, these places were inhabited even ten thousand years ago.
But rich ancient history is not Lebanon’s only treasure. The diverse nature of this country and the beauty of its picturesque landscapes make it a wonderful place to relax.

Beach holidays in Lebanon can be selected depending on your interests. For those who like to have fun in nightclubs and discos after a lazy holiday on the beach, Jounieh resort hotels are suitable. And supporters of active beach recreation will certainly be interested in the northwestern rocky beaches of Lebanon.

Lovers of winter entertainment are attracted to Lebanon by its ski resorts: Lakluk, Cedar, Faraya, Zaarur and Kanatbakish. A nice bonus to skiing in Lebanon is the ability to combine it, if desired, with a beach holiday in the Mediterranean.

Going to Lebanon, you can enjoy the flavor of the eastern country, touch the ancient history, as well as enjoy a beach or ski holiday in one of the resorts of this ancient country.

Interesting facts

The largest and oldest stone made by man (presumably). Weight more than 1000 tons, age – more than 5000 years, Baalbek.

The first people appeared on the territory of Lebanon in the 6th millennium BC.

The basic concepts in the life of Lebanon are survival and the struggle for existence. Thanks to this, the country managed to survive the recent 15-year civil war. And now, in peacetime, these principles work perfectly – here, harmoniously complementing each other, the ultra-modern side by side with ancient history and traditions.

Lebanon Resorts