Led Cree Police Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Q5 Focus 500m

Its Q5 Led provides intense and strong light for use with

closed focus up to 700m range (in total darkness).
Flashlight made of tough, durable aluminum alloy,
non-slip surface  for added comfort in handling.
It has Zoom from 1x to 2000x and uses ceramic in the semiconductors of the
LEDs, which reduces energy consumption, making it perfect.
Accompany various accessories and gifts in a kit that is one of the
most complete on the site.


Model Led Police Cree
Button on off rear
Power 380000 w 250000 lumens
Aerospace material
Environmental protection
Proof of explosion
Aerometal high intensity
Wear resistance
Special electroplating technology
Irradiation in the distance up to 100 meters
Visibility approx. 500 meters
90% more economical than ordinary incandescent lamp
Weight approx; 140 gm
Size 13 cm length 4 width
Focus 1 x 2000
3 operating modes low, high and strobe light (blinks)
Battery charge time approx. 2 hours with 500 recharges
Duration of use in use approx. 3 hours.

Included Items:

1- Cree Police Led Flashlight from transporthint
1- 18650 4200 mah rechargeable battery 3.7 v rechargeable
1- 110/220
bivolt charger 1- Adapter for AAA batteries in the absence of rechargeable battery
1- Waist clip
1- Handle cord
1- Flag baton
1- Original box

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