Lenovo Announces Cast, Chromecast Competitor, and Smart phone with Projector

News of the company have been shown in event in China

Apparently, Lenovo has more in common with Google in addition to the interest by Motorola, the company that bought the search giant last year. This week, at an event in China, Lenovo Tech World, the manufacturer has shown some interesting innovations, such as Lenovo, in a nutshell, an accessory that comes to compete with Chromecast, and to take content from mobile devices to the tv.

On the site in the Portuguese event , there is little information about the product, but an interesting “soon”. The Lenovo Cast will be released in August around the world thus may include Brazil, for $ $49, some R $150.

The Lenovo Cast is a circular equipamenteo able to send content from any mobile device for a big screen TV, since it is equipped with HDMI input. The attachment connects via Wi-Fi to smart phones and tablets, but is also compatible with connections as DNLA and Miracast, found in various devices.

According to the company, the Lenovo transmission signal for up to two walls penetrating Cast and performs well even in long distances, “up to 20 metres,” says the manufacturer. In addition, the Wi-Fi operates at two frequencies (2.4 G and 5 g) to ensure more stability and, according to the manufacturer, the Lenovo Cast has a high quality antenna that decreases the interference.

The equipment has 70 mm in diameter and 15 mm in height. The Lenovo Cast will work with devices that run Android 4.3 and above, and Windows devices 8.1 and above and iOS that has DNLA or Miracast connections.

Lenovo Smart Cast

Lenovo took the event to show that is in keeping with other trends and trying to innovate in products already consolidated, as smart phones. One of the concepts presented in the event is the Smart smart phone Cast, a cell phone with integrated projector that allows the user to design videos on any surface. In addition, thanks to an infrared motion detector and high performance algorithms, Smart Cast enables also the user transform a table into a touch screen to play, for example, or even to type on a virtual keyboard. The appliance will allow even the user design content on the wall while viewing another different at the same time on the smart phone screen.

The projection module is on the bottom of the smart phone and works in two ways. When lying down, the phone displays images from videos or pictures on a wall. This is the wall. In surface mode, the module is turned and the cell is positioned upside down, so that the projections are made on the surface.

Smart clock and Internet of things

Lenovo took the Tech World to show other conceptual products, as the Magic View, a smart watch with two screens, one round and the other square, bracelet, being the second responsible for sending the images straight to the eye. This interactive virtual screen uses optical reflection to create a virtual image and allows users to see a video more than 20 times higher than in traditional.

Also at the event was shown on the concept of a Smart Shoes or sneakers, smart, which relates to the idea of Internet of things. In a same product, Lenovo joined the cloud computing, with hardware solutions, software and applications, to create something different. The intelligent display shoes the mood of the user on a screen placed on the side of the shoes, but it might also track and analyze fitness data, including heart rate and calorie consumption, and even provide maps and directions to places.

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