Lenovo CEO Confirms New Smartwatch and Smartphone from Motorola for September

Motorola is another of manufacturers that still did not say everything in this 2015, because to date we have only heard rumors about the renewal of their most important devices, successful 360 Moto and Moto X that has failed to make the assault on the high quality expected.

Some filtration on new high-end smartphones, have also been the unfulfilled promise of a new smartwatch in Google I/o 2015, although the words that best can tell us where are the footsteps of Motorola they are those of its directors.

In case has been Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo, who has made authorized voice – never rather trying to be the owner of the North American company – to assert that the new flagship of the catalogue of Motorola will be presented at the end of the summer.

He also confirmed a new version of the smartwatch for the same dates, Watch that will keep the 360 motorcycle form factor but with improvements which, according to Yuanqing, will be important.

If we look at the calendar, everything seems to indicate that the IFA 2015 would be a perfect early September Shuttle, although at the moment it is early to talk about dates. We will have to remain vigilant because the leaks will grow as the weeks go.