LG G3: Full HD Is Already History

LG G3: Full HD Is Already History

The new LG delivery bets heavily on a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen that promises to be four times better than high definition and twice as good as Full HD.

LG G3: Full HD Is Already History

Beyond the holder, this smartphone can surprise with a camera that uses laser technology. LG’s South Koreans have taken to the taste of brand new high-end models, already 4 in less than a year:

1.They started withtheOptimus G, which brought excellent results in our test.

  1. Theycontinued with theG2, with which they carried the screen until the 5 inches and put the button of unblocking in the back part.The G2 played podium in our analysis, getting a third place in the overall standings that lost with the strong entry of theSamsung Galaxy S5.

3.At theMobile World Congress they attracted enough lights to theG Flex, a curved, flexible and self-healing mobile screen.

And 4.Now they present theLG G3, proving that they do not tire of flooding the market with high-quality smartphones.

LG G3 Full HD Is Already History 1

Improvements over G2

The third part of this movie is bigger:

5.5 inch screen(the G2 had 5.2), making it one of the highest in that class in which are Sony Xperia Z2 (5.2 inches) or HTC One M8 (5 inches).

Much more than Full HD: announce a Quad HD display with 538 pixels per inch and 2560×1440 resolution.That is: 4 times more quality than HD and 2 times more than Full HD.

More battery: this “pantallón” will suck a lot of energy, so they have provided the G3 with a removable battery of 3.000 mAh and a technology designed to maximize its efficiency.

LG G3 Full HD Is Already History 2

13-megapixel camerawith enhanced optical stabilizer (OIS +): plus an automatic focus laser system designed for low-light shots (the laser is used to measure the distance between what you want to photograph and the camera).

Fingerprint-proof design: The new polished metal back cover aims to do away with those finger stains that disfigure any aesthetics.

Newinterface: in theory it will be more intuitive and easy to use.

LG G3 Full HD Is Already History 3

From theory to practice: waiting for analysis

All these LG promises will berigorously tested in our laboratory.As soon as we have the results we will tell you if everything is truly as beautiful as it sounds.

The LG G3 could reach Spanish storesin July at a price of599 euros