LINE Also Wants to Be Snapchat with Publications That Expire and Video Calls with Effects

We are in the year 2016 and that is apparently synonymous with that all applications want to a lesser or greater extent be Snapchat. We have already seen it on the side of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, and from the East they do not want to be less as we have seen in the case of Egg LINE.

LINE is updated to version 6.8.0 in Android and features two very typical snapchateras: publications in the Timeline (the mini integrated social network) that expire automatically and the real time effects in the camera.

Publications that disappear

The integrated social network (Timeline) takes in LINE since time immemorial, but lately its creators are trying to you give more importance. What began as almost as an anecdote is now a pretty decent social network where you can share your thoughts, photos, stickers, and links between friends on LINE.

To the keypad when drafting a new publication added a new one, the Watch. When pressed, the publication will only be online a day, 24 hours, and it will automatically disappear after, leaving no trace. It is not possible to select another duration.

It is not the first time that LINE plays with the idea. The application had a form of similar to the Telegram or Facebook that included the possibility of making the messages disappear automatically at a certain time, but function was eliminated completely one time encryption is included in all conversations.

The timeline Gets other improvements in this update, as it is the case from the new possibility to link directly to specific publications or the recording of drafts to continue later. LINE not only wants to be Snapchat, but also Facebook.

Effects on calls

Online video calls can now include effects in real time on your face, without installing any additional application as LINE Egg. To activate the effects you must play in the emojis in the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, the effects are not available on all devices, so it is possible that these icons do not appear you.

These effects have come first to Android and later was also a LINE for iOS exstenderan. Does not seem to be as spectacular as the Snapchat, that if.

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