Lingeries with Sports Influences

Increasingly sports influence has conquered fashion market niches. So the fitnessgeneration   has been conquering many people. This phenomenon is noticed mainly by social networks, since many followers of this lifestyle put their routines on the Internet, influencing their large number of followers to also follow healthier habits, along with the practice of physical exercises.

What is noticeable is that several clothing lines and brands are dedicating themselves to this public, with pieces that have influence of the sport mainly. And even the lingerie entered this “joke”, where the proposal is to unite the comfort and practicality of sports modeling with their sportswear fabrics, but without ruling out the sensuality and lightness of lingerie.

Recently the H & M brand launched a collection in this style for the winter season 2016. The bras look like  tops  and the panties have wider sides and wider waist.

Other influences are the mesh blend, highlighting cotton and comfort, where there are various types of modeling with the fabric. In the bra, for example, it looks close to the top.

Elastic logotipado is also something common in sports. Ancient in the lingerie lines and strongly marked by Calvin Klein, this elastic characterizes some parts as more stripped down and sportive. In the intimate part of the man is present in many cases, but it is in the female part that it carries even more that sporty look.

And, of course, there are models with tops features   that resemble sports pieces.