Linn Sondek LP12 Majik/Akito in the Test

Linn provides the LP12 turntable with different Tonearms. We have the basic version Majik of opposite the more expensive version of Akito provided.

The LP12 celebrates its 40th birthday next year, is being developed by his Scottish builders but always still busy – and has ratcheted up over the decades in almost astronomical price regions. The Majik entry package with 3,200 euros is almost overlooking the five-digit top versions – especially since here a complete turntable is meant, including arm, cartridge, power supply and construction by the dealer.

Linn Sondek LP12 Majik: Construction

In the Majik, the mechanical basis is identical to the larger LP12 models: a frame made of solid hardwood, an upper deck made of stainless steel, including with three coil springs hung a steel sub chassis, which carries main bearing and tonearm Board. The soft decoupling reliably keeps interference of any kind from the sensitive sampling process, requires but little more care than rigid structures to build and setting. Once adjusted (the dealer do this job), adjusted to the Sub-chassis but even after parades and years operating no longer – anyone who otherwise players up to date claims (25-30 years ago LP12s were really bitchy!), is either clueless or trying to sell something else simple.

It almost certainly not found what may be getting the alternative deal – is a gorgeous, installed according to age, good custom in the pressure casting process of special zinc alloy in the raw form, then precisely rotated and balance plate Duet. The Linn recipe has the disadvantage that it is something sensitive to light, darkens over the years so, and increasingly loses its first brilliant shine – here the combination of high density, optimal mechanical properties and magnetic neutrality clearly about the glamour aspect prevails.

Akito tonearm

The Majik LP12 comes as standard with an arm built by Pro-Ject for Linn. Really in Scotland to produce the sound bar unit price for the Linn Akito euros almost 1,800 significantly more – for the end customer, to be specific. AUDIO has tried, with the same system of course the LP12 in both versions, and harvested, which almost always result in stiffer, game poorer mounted Tonearms in comparison: more dynamic, more clean, more precise details. In such an extent that the fine processed Czech arm could do one almost sorry. But this does not mean that in the basic version does not at the same time the immense quality of the Scottish drive would have been revealed.

Linn Sondek LP12 Majik/Akito: hearing test

How transplanted at the time 20 years ago, as the author, arm and a smaller drive on the Linn system was switching from another player (whether radio or Transrotor) to the LP12 as a shock: dynamically played the Linn in a separate class. The music was louder, pressure and more impressively, the brute Loud quiet dramaturgy by Tom Rothrocks R.L..-Burnside production (“come on in”, Fat Possum records, in the particularly fierce original pressing from the year of publication; the current 180 g version sounds warmer, but even Tamer) developed even more surprise.

At the same time, the Linn put also the quietest background behind the music, which is particularly well with “Mercy Street” on the luxury reissue of Peter Gabriels ‘So’ check left. Who suspected that this calm results from talismanic micro structures, got the rebuttal – not on a silver platter, but on a black ducks from 180 gram finest vinyl in the glamorous subtly woven atmosphere this piece.


The LP12 even in the Basic version can be enjoyed for decades. The first development step crosses the Akito tonearm and sound may be the most dramatic – uncompromising order the player now.