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On December 21, 2007, Lithuania joined the ranks of the Schengen countries. To apply for a short-term tourist visa for up to 90 days, citizens of Russia need the following documents:

– a passport valid for at least 3 months from the date of expiration of the visa

– a general passport of the Russian Federation and copies of its pages containing information (for children who do not have a general passport – birth certificate and its copy)

– one color photograph 35×45 mm in size (matte with a white background, head size from chin to crown should occupy 70-80% (32-36 mm) of the photo vertically), taken no earlier than 3 months before submitting documents

– a completed application form

– a health insurance policy for at least 30,000 euros

– an invitation from an individual or a legal entity, certified by the migration service of the Republic of Lithuania, or confirmation of the availability of the necessary financial resources for the entire period of stay in the country (at least 40 euros per day per person), or a tourist voucher.

If minor children (under 18) are not traveling with their parents, the original and a copy of the notarized consent of one of the parents for the child’s departure to the Republic of Lithuania must be submitted.

An application for a visa of the Republic of Lithuania is accepted no earlier than 3 months before the planned trip. Documents are submitted by the applicant personally. Only if there is an invitation certified by the Migration Service of the Republic of Lithuania, documents can be submitted by a notarized person.

There are no restrictions on the import and export of local and foreign currency. Persons over 16 years of age are allowed duty-free import of up to 1 liter of vodka, cognac or liquors, up to 200 cigarettes or 250 gr. tobacco, up to 3 liters of beer, up to 2 liters of wine and champagne, up to 0.5 kg of chocolate, up to 1 kg of coffee, other food products (including sugar) – up to 1 kg, artificial jewelry – up to 25 gr.

For personal use, it is allowed to import sports equipment in the amount of 1 item per person (surfboard, kayak or canoe, bicycle, tent, one pair of skis, two tennis rackets, fishing and climbing equipment, etc.), one hunting or sporting gun with a set of ammunition, as well as no more than one music center, portable typewriter, two cameras with 10 films for them. Also, in the amount of not more than one copy, computers, video recorders, video cameras, tape recorders, sound and video reproducing equipment (including TV), mobile phones, binoculars, baby carriages and other personal items necessary during the trip are imported.

The import and export of weapons, drugs and explosives, ethyl alcohol and home-made alcoholic beverages, precious and semiprecious stones, pearls and precious metals, ferrous metal scrap and waste, tobacco products without excise stamps, meat and meat products, dairy products, eggs, more than 10 kg of fresh or more than 5 kg of dried mushrooms. Expensive fur products and jewelry are subject to mandatory declaration.

With the permission of the Committee on Cultural Heritage of Lithuania, works of art not older than 50 years old can be exported, older items are subject to a 10-20% duty. It is forbidden to export amber in the form of raw materials, export in the form of products is not limited.

Embassy in Lithuania

Lithuania, Embassy in Moscow
The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Moscow is located at 10, Borisoglebsky lane

Tel.: (495) 785-86-25

Fax: (495) 785-86-49

Answering machine: (495) 291-15-01

Consulate General in St. Petersburg (web site)

Ryleeva Street 37, 191123 St. Petersburg

Phone: +7(812) 3273167

Fax: +7(812) 3272615

Lithuania, website of the embassy: /rusija/index.php?LangID=3

Lithuania, Russian Embassy in the country:
Vilnius 08113, st. 53/54

Latviu St. Tel.: 272-17-63

Fax: 272-38-77

Communication in Lithuania

Payphones, which are everywhere on the streets, work on cards. They can be purchased at newsstands, shops, gas stations, as well as cafes and restaurants. From these machines you can call anywhere in the world. On holidays, weekends and weekdays from 22:00 to 06:00, 30% discount is applied to international calls.

To call Lithuania, dial 8 – dial tone – 10 – 370 – area code – number of the called subscriber.

Emergency Phones in Lithuania

Fire brigade – 01

Police – 02

Ambulance – 03

January 1 – New Year’s Day

February 16 – Independence Day

March 3 – St. Casimir’s Day

March 11 – Day of the Restoration of Lithuanian Statehood

June 14 – Day of Sorrow and Hope

July 6 – Coronation of Mindaugas

November 1 – All Saints Day

December 25 – Christmas

Day many festivals are held during this time – the National Song Festival, Midsummer Day celebrations on the night of June 23, the Festival of the Peoples of the Baltic Sea, the Summer Music Festival. In autumn Vilnius City Days are interesting.

It is forbidden to visit the Lithuanian National Parks without the permission of the Directorate, except for the established and specially equipped routes. It is forbidden to set up tents on the territory of the parks, burn fires in unspecified places, harm vegetation and animals in any way, drive off the asphalt or concrete road surface, park vehicles in places not intended for this, engage in unlicensed hunting or fishing.

Permits for campsites and fishing stops can be obtained from most park administration offices, as well as holiday homes and rental shops. Hunting can be organized subject to a special request to the park administration and only in specially fenced areas of hunting parks and grounds.

In summer, entry to the resort areas of Lithuania by car is paid.

According to ehuzhou, shops are open on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00, on Saturdays – from 10:00 to 15:00. Most shops are closed on Sunday. Grocery stores are open daily from 8:00 to 20:00.

In Lithuania, it is customary to give tips at your discretion, usually 1 litas is enough.

Lithuanians are reserved in expressing their feelings, but still very friendly.

220V, 50Hz;

First medical aid in Lithuania is provided free of charge. In the absence of insurance, medical services will be paid. No special vaccinations are required to visit Lithuania. In forest areas and in the territories of national parks, the encephalitic tick poses a certain danger.

Lithuania Visa