Long Gala Dress Royal Blue of Shakira-Wedding Dresses

Check Out Options For Long Evening Gown Royal Blue Of Shakira, Ideal As Models Of Wedding Dresses!

Shakira is a Colombian singer known worldwide. Her talent, beauty and sensuality turned her into an icon of international pop music. In a red carpet event, Shakira used a nice blue long dress with strapless neckline. This party dress is the inspiration for today’s post, titled long gala dress royal blue of Shakira. Check out and get inspired for choosing your wedding dress!

Long gala dress royal blue by Shakira is a classic strapless dress with straight modeling. This color is one of the currently most wanted blue tones and ideal for wedding dresses, for being elegant.

The straight lines not much modeling the body, only slightly, but also highlights the love handles. Note that in the waist and bust for draping of fabric, these seek to enhance the bust and hide the belly, which is ideal for women with small breasts, as in the case of Shakira.

Tips Of Long Evening Gown Royal Blue By Shakira!

When you’re looking for long gala dress royal blue, doubts arise, because there are many options for this type of dress in stores online and physical stores. So watch the TIPS below:

Blue dresses are ideal for women who want to spend elegance, but contemporary;

The best Accessories for this color are the metallic and black, but you can opt for nude tones;

Bet on glares, transparencies or cracks when the party refers to a graduation;

At weddings, discrete dresses are great options, especially when accompanied by a perfect makeup and sophisticated accessories;

Remember that few colors value both the various skin tones as the royal blue. Black women, Blondes and redheads are beautiful with that color.

With these tips and the beautiful dress options below, you will get even more DIVA!

Models Of Long Evening Gown Royal Blue
#1 Long Gala Dress Royal Blue

This gala dress long royal blue has some very interesting elements, especially the mermaid modeling. Through this modeling, the hip and legs get more featured, in addition to the belly flab become more evident.

It is worth mentioning that the Loosey-Goosey bust is something different and it looks good, giving volume to small breasts. The marked waistline could not miss.

#2 Long Gala Dress Royal Blue

Among long gala dresses shown in this post, is without a doubt the most delicate, ideal for different types of party. The combination of income with the loose skirt creates a feminine look and who scores the love handles. Its main strong point is valuing the body, making it more harmonious, according to the waist.

#3 Long Gala Dress Royal Blue

Just as in the case of the first gala dress, this long evening gown royal blue also has the Mermaid modeling. However, this time the neckline is fully closed, either on your lap or on the back. Are the sparkles on his shoulders that give a more detail in that dress. Thus, the highlight of this party dress is modeling.

#4 Long Gala Dress Royal Blue

Among the gala dresses shown in this post, this is the more flashy and ideal for graduation parties and not marriages. The highlight of this long evening gown royal blue are the sequins that cover up completely. In addition, the modeling adjusted to body and wide crack in the room leave the look even more sexy.

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