Look at the Glove… SG Keeper Lear

We do not stop in our effort to bring you news, and in this case we speak of a debutant mark on our website. It’s SG Keeper, a brand of our country based exactly in Asturias, and created by two individuals linked to the goal, Gumer (which was formerly linked to KA Goalkeeping) and former professional goalkeeper Sergio Segura.

These two partners have teamed up to create SG, a brand that stands out by offering quality products prices are really very low for what we are accustomed in the market of gloves. I teach at a glance, one of its most prominent models, the SG Keeper Lear today.

The first thing that draws our attention from this Lear, is his full black tone, with the details in a lime green as a secondary color. It is a combination of interesting and pleasant to view.

Looking back, we see that it has body of neoprene, a point in favor having few gloves and above all a small price. This neoprene isolate the hand of extreme temperatures, both cold and heat. Latex on the back, a simple natural latex, with nothing of synthetic as in more basic models in other brands, has a thickness of 3.5 mm. It achieves a balance in the sense of Assembly of glove.

The Palm Court is negative pure black color, a very technical cut that like many goalies to be able to feel the ball with total guarantee. To this we add a latexContact of 4 mm, which is the best market in terms of grip pure concerns, so much so that presents the glove with a plastic coating to prevent the latex from sticking.

To finish this little review, the cuff is conventional with double velcro anchor point, and window for customization.

As we can see, we have a simple but effective and nice design view, a cut negative to Contact Palm which is the best thing on the market in dry grip, and a body of neoprene. All this for a price of only 25 euros. Incredible but true. Therefore, SG Keeper is triumphing in the lands of the Principality of Asturias, by that relationship quality/price.

We are eager to prove their gloves and to give you real impressions. Soon we will have news and challenge you to new articles about SG Keeper. Check it out at transporthint.com.