Qiqihar, Heilongjiang

Major Cities in Heilongjiang, China

Hailar, Heilongjiang (China, north)

Hailar is located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 900 km northwest of Harbin. It was founded in 1734 and at that time was the capital of Xingang Province. The city is divided into a historical part that has preserved monuments of the 18th century. in traditional Chinese style, and modern industrial. Check best-medical-schools for temple of heaven in Beijing China.

Harbin, Heilongjiang (China, north)

Harbin is the administrative center of Heilongjiang Province, as well as the most important political, economic, scientific, technological, cultural and transportation center of northeast China. It owes its origin to the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway, which was laid by Russia in 1897-1903. Harbin is known at home and abroad for its beauty, extraordinary architecture and unique atmosphere. There are opportunities for winter tourism here, and ice sculptures and a major international winter festival further decorate this city.

The main attractions of Harbin are Hagia Sophia., Jilesi temple, central avenue. Hagia Sophia is the largest Orthodox cathedral in the Far East. It is built in typical Byzantine style. The height of the cathedral is 53.35 m, and the area is 721 m 2.

The Jilesi temple (beginning of the 20th century) is a sacred place for Buddhist pilgrims. Central Avenue was laid out in 1900. It is the busiest shopping area in Harbin. In August 1996, the city authorities decided to turn the avenue into a pedestrian street, the official opening of which took place on June 1, 1997. The total length of the avenue is 1450 m, width – 21.34 m. Several interesting parks have been created

in Harbin. In the park “Window to Europe and Asia” You will see many famous architectural structures of Europe and Asia in miniature. These are the Triumphal Arch, the Kremlin, the Pyramid of Cheops and many others. Here you can also go boating on the lake and enjoy beautiful views of nature.

The flower and bird park is a real natural park, located on an area of more than 2000 m 2, where you can enjoy the singing of birds, the smell of flowers, watch the fish in a huge aquarium.

Zoo in Harbin is one of the eight largest zoos in the country. It is home to more than 200 species, including rare animals listed in the “Red Book” (tigers, rare species of monkeys, swans, elephants, etc.). The zoo is divided into several sectors. The carnivore sector contains state-protected northeastern (Amur) tigers. Every summer, the zoo hosts animal shows.

The tiger park was specially created for the rescue and breeding of the northeastern tiger. In terms of area, it occupies 960 thousand m 2. At the moment, 80 tigers live in the nursery. In the Children’s Park in 1956 a children’s railway was built, 2 km long. In addition, in the park there is a children’s museum of science and technology, halls of slot machines.

Harbin stands in the middle reaches of the Songhua River. Near its northern city is Sunny Island (Taiyandao), which is a favorite vacation spot for tourists. The area of the island is 3.8 million m 2, it is covered with dense greenery, reminiscent of wild nature with beauty and silence.

Qiqihar, Heilongjiang (China, north)

Qiqihar is located in Heilongjiang province, 350 km northwest of Harbin. It is an important transportation hub and industrial center in northeast China. It was founded in 1691. In the vicinity of the city is the Zhalong Nature Reserve. The reserve has a center for bird watching, of which there are 269 species. This place is also known as the “Land of Cranes” as 6 of the 15 known species of these birds live here.

Qiqihar, Heilongjiang