Dandong, Liaoning

Major Cities in Liaoning, China

Shenyang, Liaoning (China, north)

Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning Province. From 1625 to 1644 it was the capital of Manchuria. From past dynasties, the city has many cultural relics, among which are palaces, city walls, pagodas, temples.

The most famous landmark is the Imperial Palace (1625), which is one of two completely preserved imperial complexes of China. The palace is located in the center of the old part of the city in the Shenhe district. On an area of 67 thousand mthere are many buildings, among which the Dazheng (High Politics) Hall, the Reception Hall, the Pavilion of 10 Princes and the Pavilion of Tranquility attract special attention. Between May and October every Saturday the royal parade takes place in the palace.

Equally popular in Shenyang is the TV tower, also located in the Shenhe district. Its height is 305 m, and the area it occupies is 8,000 m 2. The tower consists of a base, a body, a building and a mast. At an altitude of 187 – 215.5 m, an observation deck, a dance hall, a revolving restaurant, and TV studios are arranged for tourists.

An integral part of the excursions is the zoo. located in Dadong District. It features over 1,000 animals. Among rare animals there are white-lipped deer, golden monkey, panda, northeastern tiger, red-headed crane, snow leopard, polar bear, Japanese baboon, Chilean giant crane.

In the northern part of Shenyang is Beiling Park, which includes Xiangshan Mountain, Chain Bridge and Peng’en Temple. Its area of 180,000 m 2 was once the resting place of Huang Taiji, the founder of the Qing Dynasty.

In the city of Benxi, 35 km northeast of Shenyang, there are stalactite caves. Inside the caves are very deep and wide, their length is 2,300 meters, and the area is 3.6 m 2. Attractions in the area include the Wenchuan Temple, Tangou (Hot Spring), Guanmeng Mountain, Techa Mountain, Miaohou Mountain and the Yantaiji River. Check allpubliclibraries for Behai park Beijing China.

Dalian, Liaoning (China, north)

Dalian is located in Liaoning Province on the coast of Dalian Bay on the Yellow Sea. This port city was founded by the Russians under the name Dalniy on the territory received by Russia on a temporary lease from China under the convention of 1898. According to the Soviet-Chinese agreement of 1945, it was recognized by the Chinese government as a free port, and in 1950 all property located in temporarily administered or leased from the Soviet side, was transferred to China. At the end of Mao Zedong’s reign, Dalian became one of 14 cities in China declared a “free economic zone” open to foreign investment. Huge capital invested in its economy by Japan and South Korea contribute significantly to this process. Dalian, located 1500 km from Tokyo, remains the main gateway to the Eurasian continent for the Japanese. The powerful economic expansion of Japan is visible to the naked eye: signs, signs, advertisements, and even the names of bus stops are often duplicated in Japanese. Dalian is a thriving city with clean green streets, which can not be said about many other cities in China, it is famous for its numerous shops and stalls filled with a variety of goods. Within the framework of the competition of ecologically clean cities organized by the UN, the city of Dalian was awarded an honorary title.

central square The city has the shape of a circle, which is framed by buildings, mostly built by the Japanese. This is a monumental town hall, the building of the Bank of China, the Dalian Hotel. Wide streets diverge from the square, one of the main ones is Stalin Street (Sidalin Lu). It leads to the sea pier and the International Sailors Club. According to the project of Khabarovsk architects in 2000, the old look of the “Russian street” was recreated. In the building of the former City Hall, built by the Russians in 1900 in a style typical of Northern Europe, the Museum of Marine Nature is located. In the southwestern part of the city there are beautiful parks and sea beaches. Xinghai Park is located in the west of Dalian., which became a resort in 1909 and gained worldwide fame. The park has a very long history (about one thousand years). It was rebuilt several times, and today it is an attractive place for excursions, entertainment and just active recreation. In the park, you can see an amusement park, a sea beach, a swimming pool, fountains, various recreation areas, as well as China ‘s largest marine aquarium with an underwater tunnel 118 m long, which is home to more than 10,000 fish of various species.

Dalian is known as “the birthplace of China’s athletics”, “the city of fashion” and “the city of football”. The Dalian annual _ events: admiring the sophora (sophora is an ornamental plant), Dalian International Fashion Festival, Dalian Export Goods Fair and Dalian International Marathon.

Dandong, Liaoning (China, north)

Dandong is located in the southeast of Liaoning Province. The city is a major port on the Yalu River and the only border city in the province – across the river is the North Korean city of Sinuiju. One of the popular excursions is a boat ride on Yalujiang, which comes quite close to the coast of North Korea. There are many other attractions along the river. For example, the International Friendship Bridge, connecting Dandong and Sinuyu. Its construction began in 1937 and ended in 1943. The length of the bridge is 940.8 m. Cliffs with lush forests and numerous scenic spots are scattered along the banks of the river, which together make up the landscape area of Yalujiang.

In the vicinity of Dandong is a section of the Great Wall of China, laid in the mountains. At the top of one of the mountains is an observation tower, which offers a panoramic view of the Yalu River Valley and the Korean-Chinese border. WulongForest Park is located 20 km northwest of the city, located on the mountain of the same name. In the park there are dense thickets of trees, caves, a large number of animals, stone figures created by time. The largest reservoir in the northeast is located 90 km from Dandong. The vegetation on its banks is as rich as near natural reservoirs.

Dandong, Liaoning