Makeup: Actress Abuses Outlined Kitty and Colorful Lipsticks

Jennifer Hudson drew attention from around the world when he won the Academy Award for best supporting actress in 2006, by your work in “Dreamgirls-In search of a dream”. But as if that wasn’t enough to be a talented actress, she still stands by the makes produced that uses. Jennifer, owner of thick lips that are always highlighted by different shades of lipsticks, it’s still a great singer, and was confirmed as one of the attractions of the Oscar ceremony from 2015. Check out a selection with the best makes of the actress.

Colorful lipsticks are in make the actress

While some women prefer to wear discrete tones in mouths more lush, Jennifer Hudson will along the way and highlights that part of the face. The singer has no fear in using many different colors of lipstick at, and bet in shades ranging from a more vibrant Orange, going through basic, until a tone nudes cherry more closed.

Despite the variety of colors used, the favorite of Jennifer is probably purple. In recent prestigious events like the actress Grammy ceremony 2015, for example, the lips that color stood out in production. The actress still undaunted by the seasons, nor for the occasions, and uses colored lipsticks in any time of the day and in any season.

Outlined kitten is preference for the eye area

Jennifer Hudson loves the combination of classics, like the red lipstick and delineated kitten. But in the eyes, she doesn’t skimp on paths of EYELINERS and makes lines thicker and right angled. To combine and let your eyes even more glamorous, she bet on esfumadas and shadows with the inside corner illuminated, giving a sort of brightness to the production.

The singer also bet on colorful touches in the eye

In spite of the most classic looks, Jennifer Hudson also shown daring and cool with EYELINERS and colored shadows. To balance the boldness of blue eyeliner, used in the LOVE of 2013, she gambled in a creamy nude lipstick. The shadows are used to form lighter and combining with the own lipstick, in marsala and purple tones, for example.