Makeup with Eyeliner on Lower Eyelid: Simple Or Double Dash?

Vain women are always innovating when it comes to makeup and, after the success of the outlined on the upper eyelid, the inverted circuit have space in the productions of the most tuned. Perfect to add a dash of daring on the look, the outlined created at the bottom of the eyes ensures a more modern and dramatic effect to the make, fueling the day to day makeup with a touch more remarkable still.

Outlined is in inverted fashion runways

The makeup eyeliner is one of those items from beautypically  that have the power to hold alone a make ultra powerful. But for those who already abuse of graphic formats and kittens can add even more daring with the inverted, which migrates from the upper eyelid to the bottom. The new version of the outlined already drew attention of renowned brands, such as Nicholas K, Houghton, Jean-Pierre Braganza and Just Cavalli, who paraded in the major fashion weeks in the world with different effects to mark the black eyes.

Simple dash is perfect for more discreet

If the idea is to start slowly with the new style of outlined, invest in simple trait in the lower eyelid is a surefire bet. Proving that the trend will remain for the next few seasons, the brand Just Cavalli went up on the catwalk in Milan with your eyes marked with the black eyeliner applied just below the lower lashes. For the more discreet effect, perfect inspiration for girls who are still undecided, the models paraded with a trace fino and simple, respecting the limits of the outer corner of the eyes.

Lets make more modern double outlined

Already those who’s not afraid to dare to play with even more entertaining formats to improve the look for any occasion. The make paraded by Jean-Pierre Braganza in autumn-winter season 2015 can serve as inspiration for the most deprived. The brand has invested in the outlined – the first double right next to the lower lashes and the second just below – that were finalized in a lean-to inside corner, in the famous “Kitty” style.