Marshall Islands Resorts

Marshall Islands Resorts and Attractions

The Marshall Islands is a Pacific state in Micronesia, associated (a form of confederation of unequal states united on a bilateral basis, in which a smaller state, while formally maintaining sovereignty and independence, entrusts a significant part of its power to a larger state) with the United States.

According to smb, the capital is Majuro. The official language is Marshallese, English. Currency – US dollar.

The climate is tropical. Temperature +28*ะก.

Marshall Islands – exotic available to everyone. Rest in an exotic country is the dream of every person. Just how to choose a country that would leave not only photographs, but also positive impressions and a desire to return there again and again.

Not so long ago, travel agencies began to develop tours to the Marshall Islands.

Resorts and Attractions of the Marshall Islands

The tangy air with a taste of sea salt is what best characterizes the flat coral reefs that make up the RMO. Living on these narrow stretches of land between the ocean and the lagoon, the locals have become true experts in everything related to fishing and conquering the sea. Here people live relying only on the unpredictable sea.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is located on 64 islands that form the Majuro Atoll. The capital of the republic – the city of Majuro is located on 3 islands of this atoll. In terms of geography, Majuro has an unusual location. Beneath it lie the islands of Ulliga, Darit and Dalap.

Interesting facts

The islands were inhabited about 2000 years ago.

The first island seen by Europeans was Bocaq Atoll, discovered by the Spanish navigator Alonso de Salazar in 1526. However, the archipelago remained unnamed until 1788, when the islands were rediscovered by the British captain John Marshall, after whom they were named.

The tourism sector of the economy of the Marshall Islands is not developed. The number of tourists arriving in the country is small compared to other countries in Micronesia. Mostly tourists visit the island of Majuro. The development of tourism is negatively affected by the high cost of flying to the islands and underdeveloped infrastructure.

The considerable remoteness from each other of the islands of the country determined the skill of the people in fishing and the construction of canoes, which are able to overcome considerable distances. The Marshallese themselves are excellent navigators who have learned to navigate by the stars, clouds, currents, birds and the color of the ocean.

The country has never participated in the Winter Olympics; at the Summer Olympics, the Marshall Islands were first represented at the 2008 Games (Beijing).

Marshall Islands Resorts