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National parks with dense forests, lively harbor towns and the famous Indian Summer attract visitors to the small US state of Maryland.

The US state of Maryland on the Atlantic coast is one of the smallest states in the United States. The area is characterized by the Appalachian hills and the coastal fishing villages. Important port cities are Baltimore and Annapolis, the capital of the so-called “Free State”. The region, which is one of the most densely populated and wealthy in the United States, includes large parts of the Washington, DC area.

At Chesapeak Bay, 150 rivers and streams flow into the Atlantic Ocean. The narrowest point is at Annapolis. Here the Bay Bridge spans the water. Sailing and fishing are particularly popular among water sports enthusiasts, and the United States Naval Academy trains its officers here.

Lively cafes and bars around the City Dock as well as boutiques and shops along Main Street invite you to linger in the capital of Maryland. You can also take a scenic harbor tour or take a tour of the grounds of the US Naval Academy.

The Deep Creek Lake nestles picturesquely on the high mountains of the Appalachians. Here numerous hiking routes offer insights into the untouched nature of the state. In the Patapsco Valley State Park, the Thomas Viaduct is one of the oldest stone railway bridges in the world that can still be used.

Pristine beaches and marshes await you at the Assateague Island National Seashore, a nature reserve.

In the largest city in Maryland, Baltimore, visitors visit the National Shrine with the Basilica of the Assumption. An important collection of the painter Henri Matisse is exhibited in the Baltimore Museum of Art.


Frederick, the second largest city in Maryland, attracts with shops, restaurants and craft beer breweries in the city center. The Antietam National Battlefield Memorial commemorates the time of the civil war. The surrounding area captivates with beautiful nature. The Cunningham Falls State Park or the Catoctin Mountain Parkinvite you to take long hikes.

Travel tips and best travel time

Maryland is one of the states that experience the well-known Indian Summer. The late autumn is characterized by a bright blue sky, intense leaf coloration in the forests and an unusually warm, dry weather.

The mountain regions have snowy winters and are also suitable for a winter sports holiday. The time difference to the Eastern Standard Time there is minus five hours. The most important international airport for travel from Europe is the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. The rail network is suitable for travel from other US states, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is one of the oldest in the USA.

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Vacationers experience the maritime flair of Chesapeake Bay along the scenic Chesapeake Country National Scenic Byway.


The Assateague State Park is located on the sea on a long dune island and is home to numerous wild ponies.


Specialties from Chesapeake Bay are, for example, freshly steamed blue crabs or delicious crab cakes.


A piece of history is in the north of Frederick County. There are the three historical ‘Covered Bridges’, in the middle of nature.


Visit the picturesque winery and take advantage of the great opportunity to taste local wines or take a guided tour.


Deep Creek Lake is picturesquely nestled between forests and mountains and offers a variety of outdoor activities.


Impressive exhibits and more than 20,000 aquatic animals make the non-profit aquarium one of Baltimore’s most popular attractions.


The historic battlefield in Sharpsburg reminds and impressively reminds of the civil war of 1862.

Maryland Zip Codes