MÁSMOVIL Already Has Your Unlimited Rate for 28 Euros

Lowering 1 euro the far rate with unlimited calls + internet Amerna with cheaper share, MÁSMOVIL today launches its second unlimited rate under the name of the Rate of the people, Since it responds to the results of a survey that he recently conducted the operator.

The new people’s rate includes calls unlimited minutes (up to a maximum of 150 destinations every month), 50 SMS to send to any national destination (the rest 8 cents/SMS) and 1GB Internet from which 3 cents/MB applies although soon you can choose reduce speed rather than charge the excess.

Available for hiring in debut single until the 15th of March both for existing customers to new, you can enjoy is forever by 28 euros per month without any kind of permanence, customer care free and no fee as a main advantage in comparison with other similar rates in the market.

We leave you with a summary of our comparative rates to speak and surf that it includes the rates with “unlimited”: