MÁSMOVIL Reactive Promotion from 1 Gb to Half Price for Six Months

Do anything that is over a Christmas campaign, which in the world of mobile operators has been something decaffeinated by the new situation of the market following the end of subsidies in several operators, but promotions do not end with it and after the promotion of Tuenti today is Másmovil which returns to bet strong on its zero rate.

Másmovil has not given many turns and relaunched the promotion that was offered until this Tuesday. This promotion offers six months of the bonus of 1 Gb data Zero rate half price, so customers who opt for it will pay 4.5 euros instead of the usual nine euros.

The promotion will be available at this time until February 5 with the same conditions as the previous promotion period. It will be only accessible to new customers from other operators, which will save 1.5 euros per month with respect to the cheaper giga on the market, that of Tuenti.