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Be on the trail of the struggle for independence in Massachusetts or discover the beauties of the Atlantic coast of New England here.

The state of Massachusetts is located in the northeastern United States and is part of New England. The name comes from the Indian word for “at the big hill”. Visitors to the so-called The Bay State, which is only about half the size of Switzerland, are particularly interesting because of the varied landscapes and the many historic sites.


Especially the largest city in Massachusetts, Boston, played a decisive role in the independence movement of the later United States. This legacy can still be seen today in the metropolis. A walk along the Freedom Trail with the main attractions of Boston or a short detour to the Harvard University campus is worthwhile.

Outside of Boston, Massachusetts is particularly impressive with its varied landscape. Walk in the hills of Berkshire County or along the Atlantic coast. The Cape Cod Peninsula is worth a visit here, where you will find long sandy beaches and historical sights such as the Race Point Lighthouse.

Travel tips and best time to travel

Massachusetts is in the temperate climate zone with quite cold and snowy winters. The optimal travel time is therefore the blooming spring.

The easiest way to get there is directly to Logan Airport in Boston, which is also served by several German cities. It should be noted that the time difference between the American east and Germany is six hours.

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There are hardly any cars on the islands, but all the more well-developed bike paths. Perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Walk in historic Boston on the Freedom Trail. 17 sights are connected by the red line on the floor.


Spot the giant sea creatures on an unforgettable tour and experience the power of these majestic animals.


The Berkshire Mountains offer great outdoor activities, and the area around Mount Greylock is particularly beautiful.

Massachusetts Zip Codes