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Citizens of Russia do not need to apply for a visa before traveling to Mauritius. It is issued upon arrival in the country at the airport. To issue a visa, you must present a passport valid for at least 6 months from the end of the planned trip, a hotel reservation and a return ticket. The validity of the visa is 60 days, it can be extended during your stay in the country.

Import and export of foreign and national currencies is not limited. For persons over 18 years of age, duty-free import is allowed: up to 200 pieces of cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco, up to 1 liter of spirits, up to 2 liters of wine or beer, up to 250 ml of toilet water.

The import of drugs and drug-containing medications, weapons, military equipment, seeds, fruits, plants and flowers is prohibited. The export of coral products and objects raised from the bottom of the sea is prohibited.

Embassy in Mauritius

Mauritius, embassy in Moscow
Metro station Taganskaya (ring), st. Nikoloyamskaya, d.8.

Tel.: 915-76-17, 915-04-92.

Fax: 915-76-65.

Mauritius, Russian Embassy in the country:
Floreal, Queen Mary Street.

Tel.: (230) 696-15-45.

Contact in Mauritius

You can call anywhere in the world from public payphones. They work with phone cards, credit cards or coins. Phone cards are sold at telephone company offices, tobacconists, gas stations, and restaurants. You can also call to another country from the hotel or at the call center.

In order to call from Russia to Mauritius, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 230 – the subscriber’s number.

In order to call from Mauritius to Russia, you need to dial 00 – 7 – area code – subscriber number.

Emergency Phones in Mauritius

Police, fire brigade, ambulance – 999

Ambulance – 114

Fire brigade – 995


January 1 and 2 – New Year’s Day

February 1 – Slavery Abolition Day

March 12 – Mauritius Independence Day

May 1 – Labor Day

November 2 – First Workers’ Day

December 25 – Christmas

holidays. In January-February, Chinese communities celebrate the Chinese New Year, in February-March, Hindus celebrate Maha Shivaratri (“night of Shiva”), and in March-April, the Hindu New Year “Ugadi”, in September-November, Muslims fast Ramadan. A single holiday for all – Independence Day, which takes place on March 12. At this time, colorful processions and mass celebrations are organized on the streets of cities.

Holidays in Mauritius are considered one of the most expensive in the world.

With taxi drivers about the cost of the trip should be negotiated in advance.

Damage to corals, as well as breaking them off and taking them out of the country is strictly prohibited.

According to medicinelearners, shops are open from Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 19:30, Sunday – until 12:00.

Mauritius has a developed network of duty-free shops. Special trade zones are open in Port Louis and close to Curepipe. In order to purchase goods here, you must present your passport and return ticket. You can pay in such stores both in foreign and local currencies. The purchased goods will be issued to you at the airport before departure.

are approximately 10% of the bill. It is not necessary for taxi drivers to leave a tip.

Mauritians are very welcoming and friendly.

220V, 50Hz;

Be sure to take out medical insurance before you travel. It is recommended to drink bottled water for drinking.


The largest natural reserve Mauritius РBlack River National Park Рis located in the southwest of the island in the highlands. The only mountain road in Mauritius leads here from the city of Curepipe. Cassowaries and conifers grow in the park, as well as rare trees Рtambalakoke and ebony. From animals here you can see monkeys, deer and wild pigs. The park has a large reservoir of Mar aux Vakua, and 6 km from it lies the sacred Hindu lake of Grand Bassin, which was formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. By the lake there is a temple and a statue of the bull god Shiva, and a little further on the top of a low hill you can see the figure of the god Anuamanga. Southwest of the Grand Bassin stretches the Champagne plateau Рthe highest part of the central plateau. Also on the territory of the park is the Black River and the highest mountain of Mauritius РPiton de la Petite Rivière Noire (828 m) is located. The best time to visit the park is from September to January, when the flowers are in bloom and nature is at its most beautiful.

A little to the north, near the resort of Flic-en-Flac, is the Bird Park of Casela. About 140 different species of birds live here, among which is a rare pink dove, which can be called the main attraction of the park. Also in the park, you should look at the giant tortoise, whose age is 150 years.

Be sure to visit one of the main natural attractions of the island – Chamarel. This area is known for its soil, which consists of several layers of different colors, for which it is called the “seven-colored earth”. This phenomenon is of volcanic origin – after all, the multi-colored earth is the result of centuries of erosion of hardened lava. Usually key rings filled with Chamarel soil are brought from Mauritius as a souvenir.

11 km northeast of Port Louis in the village of Pamplemousses are located Botanical Gardens. They were created in 1735 and became famous all over the world for their collection of exotic and rare plants. Here you can see the largest water lily on Earth – Victoria Regia, whose homeland is the Amazon; golden bamboo; rubber tree; poisonous trees; 200 year old Buddha tree; ginger; cinnamon tree; nutmeg; camphor and sandalwood. Also, a rare palm tree grows here – talipot, which blooms once, after which it dies. Among the animals in the gardens are Javan deer and giant tortoises, whose age exceeds 100 years.

In the southern part of Mauritius, near the town of Soliac, the Crocodile Park is very popular.. Nile crocodiles brought from Madagascar are protected here. The park is occupied by forests, which are riddled with hiking trails.

Of the protected areas of the island, the relic forest Mahabi in the west of Mauritius is also interesting, Tamarin waterfalls, which have 7 streams that bring their waters down into a small lake, Rochester waterfalls, Mount Morne Braban (550 m) on the Le Morne peninsula, Le Val Park in the south -east of Mauritius and island reserves off the northern coast of Mauritius – Couen de Mir, Ile Rond, Me aux Serpents, Gabriel, Flat – and islands off the coast of Rodrigues Island – Ile Cocos and Ile aux Sables.

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