Meet the Aquarium Options To Decorate Your Home

Check out the tips on the best place to put the aquarium in decorating and how to take care of him

An aquarium can be a rather interesting decorative element in an environment, but it’s good to remember that requires constant care. If you are thinking of having a home, it’s good to understand, first, that there are two types of Aquarium: the fresh water and salt water.

“The salt water is undoubtedly more expensive for mounting and also for maintenance. The animal species also have higher cost and the ecosystem is more delicate, since you have to be very careful to keep the PH, salinity, among other factors, “the architect Poya de Mello. On the other hand, she

says that the colors of the sea animals are more showy and the species much more attractive. “I recommend this type of Aquarium for those who are really passionate about the marine world and which undertake to take very good care of him, regardless of the costs.”

The freshwater aquarium is much more common because of the lower cost. But don’t be fooled! Freshwater aquariums require a lot of care in assembling and mainly on maintenance. “It takes a lot of discretion in the choice of animals, since some species live along with other or require different conditions of PH of the water,” he advises wall stickers from

A very nice idea also is to make an aquarium plants only. But they also require a lot of care. It is always recommended to consult professionals to assemble and maintain the tanks, otherwise the ecosystem may collapse and, in addition to much financial investment thrown in the trash, the species suffer or may even die. You can also take courses in the area, which are offered by several companies, often free of charge. “It’s a sector still little explored and valued in Brazil, but just do a quick search and you’ll find companies that help with lectures and courses”, recommends the architect.

According to her, there are aquariums ready on the market, with a mobile itself. “It’s a quick and cheap solution, but with very little design favour for those who want a good decoration in the environment. I advise you to buy only the glass and part of the engines and make the closing in carpentry or with material that is more convenient to deal with the decoration of the environment. Always remember to leave an access to the machinery and also an access from the top of the tank. It is also essential to leave always tank cover firmly, because some species of fish jump out of the water and can end up dying outside the Aquarium without your noticing. Many species arrive to lift caps incorrectly inserted when trying to jump from the Aquarium,” he warns.

Location and lighting

Poya believes that the most appropriate place to put an aquarium is in part of the House: living room, dining room, or hallway.” These are environments where we receive people and where we get to rest and enjoy the good things in house, as a nice dinner or a chat with friends. The Aquarium will make amazing décor in the environment. I don’t recommend putting it on home theater, with a lot of noise and vibration, which may hit the glass and disturb the animals. Never leave the aquarium in a place where hit direct sun. The Sun can unbalance the ecosystem of the Aquarium, killing animal and plant species, “recommends.

A cool idea too, for those who have space, is to place a bowl in the sink, or making the division between the kitchen and the living room, for example. The most adventurous place aquariums in bedrooms and bathrooms. Poya advise be careful if you decide to put the aquarium in the bedroom, because sometimes we need sleep and the aquarium light can disturb. The engine noise (depending on quality) may annoy some, too.

The lighting is also the main attraction as a decorative point. Consult a professional to find out what the most appropriate to the ecosystem that you created in the Aquarium. Each fish or species adapts better to one type of lighting. It is advisable to put a timer, so you can sleep soundly without bothering to turn on in the morning and turn off the light at night. For those who travel a lot, there are automatic feeders. Simply fill them and set the animal nutrition. But if you stay several days away from home, hire or ask for someone to take care of the Aquarium. “It’s a fragile ecosystem, we must always be attentive to small changes in the leaves of plants or in small patches in fish. Can be a sign of some disease or problem, “warns.

As for the species, Poya recommends stay tuned to the maximum size of the fish. “It is common to buy a fish at the store and he grows up too much for the size of the Aquarium. A legal option to keep the bottom and walls of the tank fairly clean is putting armored catfishes. In marine aquariums the clownfish makes this type of service also and let the tank very colorful. I really like the fish-parrots. Are rounded, graceful and interact with people. In my opinion, are the ones who most look like a pet. They like to stay in groups, is interesting for the welfare of them put more than one of the same species.”

Another option that the architect is considered very stylish is to assemble an aquarium with several plant species and put neon fish. They are in large groups and part of your body glows when reflects some lights. “Are delicate and beautiful!”