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Starting May 1, 2010, entry into Mexico for the purpose of tourism, transit, and certain types of business trips with a valid US visa is visa-free for citizens of all countries.

To obtain a Mexican visa at the embassy, Russian citizens must provide:

– a properly completed application form strictly in Latin letters and signed by the applicant (the application form can be filled out on the embassy website);

– recently taken two color photographs (3×4 cm) on a white background, without glasses, the face is completely open;

– a valid international passport, with an expiration date of at least six months, starting from the date of entry, as well as photocopies of those pages of the international passport on which the applicant’s data are indicated. In addition, you must provide copies of those pages that contain valid or previously issued Mexican visas, if any.

– confirmation of solvency. This may be a salary certificate, a bank account status or information about investments, the availability of real estate. Children or students who do not have their own source of income have the right to provide documents from their sponsors, parents, guardians or relatives.

At the discretion of the Consul, information about the place of work, position, address of residence and other information about the applicant may be requested.

For children under 18, a copy of the birth certificate must be provided, for children traveling with or without parents – a copy of the notarized agreement of the remaining parent or both parents (respectively).

The final decision on the entry of a tourist into the territory of Mexico is made by the migration and sanitary authorities of the country at the point of entry. Complicating the receipt of a visa can be a passport issued less than a year ago or without marks from the border services of other states. Recently, the issue of facilitating the process of obtaining a Mexican visa by Russian citizens has been intensively resolved. In some cases, at the border, you may be asked to present cash or credit cards at the rate of USD 50 per day per person.

Import and export of foreign currency is not limited, national – no more than 5 thousand pesos. You can import duty-free no more than 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams. tobacco, up to 2 liters of strong alcoholic drinks or wine, 1 video camera, 1 camera and 12 films, gifts in an amount not exceeding 300 US dollars. It is forbidden to import fruits, vegetables and products from them, plants, cuttings and seeds of plants, flowers, meat products, medicines without documentary evidence of the need for their use (a prescription or medical card is required), psychotropic substances and pornographic publications. The import of drugs and the export of archaeological treasures, antiques, precious metals, rare animals and birds, as well as their skins and stuffed animals, are prohibited.

Mexico, embassy website:

Embassy in Mexico

Mexico, embassy in Moscow
Metro Smolenskaya or Kropotkinskaya, Bol. Levshinsky per., 4.

Tel.: 201-56-31, 201-25-93, 201-48-48.

Fax: 230-20-42.

Mexico, Embassy website:

Mexico, Russian Embassy in the country:
Mexico 06140 Mexico City, Ipodromo Condesa colony, Cuauhtemoc delegation, av. Jose Vasconcelos, 204

Tel: 5516-0870, 5273-1305, 5516-7633.

Fax: 5273-1545.

Communication in Mexico

You can call anywhere in the world from Mexico from pay phones that work with cards. A call from the hotel will cost you much more.

In order to call to Russia, you need to dial 007 – 7 – area code – subscriber number.

In order to call from Russia to Mexico, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 52 – area code – subscriber number.

Emergency Phones in Mexico

Emergency assistance (police, ambulance, fire brigade) – 06

Roadside assistance – 903-00-92


Official holidays:

January 1st – New Year’s Day

February 5th – Constitution Day

February 24th – National Flag

Day March 21st – Benito Juarez Day

March-April – Easter

April 30th – Children’s Day

May 1st – Labor Day

September 16th – Independence Day

October 12th – Discovery Day of America

November 20 – Revolution Day

December 12 – Day of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe

December 25 – Christmas Day

Mexico hosts many festivals throughout the year. In winter, a jazz festival is held, a colorful carnival takes place in late February – early March. On the Day of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, the festival “SeƱora de Guadalupe” is held, and on November 2, the holiday “Day of the Dead” is celebrated, when the souls of the dead return to earth. The most colorful celebrations of the “Day of the Dead” are held in the city of Patzcuaro.

In Mexico, seismic activity is quite high, so large volcanoes are surrounded by a 12-kilometer zone where it is strictly forbidden to enter.

The country has a high crime rate, so you should move around the cities only during the day, and it is best to order a taxi by phone or hire them from special parking lots.

According to medicinelearners, shops in Mexico start at 9-10 o’clock and end at 19-22 o’clock. Most shops are closed on Sunday.

Tip is 10% of the amount indicated on the bill. It is also customary to give porters and drivers about 1-2 US dollars.

The local population leads a measured way of life, no one is in a hurry to go anywhere. Tourists are treated kindly.

110V, 60Hz;

Be sure to take out health insurance before traveling to Mexico. If you are going to relax in one of the popular beach resorts such as Acapulco, Cancun, etc., then there are no special vaccination requirements. However, before visiting mountainous regions, tropical forests and small towns, you should take preventive measures against malaria and get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, yellow fever and typhoid fever.

It is recommended to drink only bottled water, avoid drinks with ice and eat processed foods.

Mexico Visa