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Lake Michigan not only attracts the big city of Chicago, but also the many small towns and vast nature parks with exciting sights and diverse leisure activities.

It is one of the famous Great Lakes in the northeastern United States – Lake Michigan.

With 58,000 km² of water, it is larger than Switzerland. The states of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan border on its 2,646 km of coastline. The name Michigan comes from the Indian expression mishi-gami, which means “large water”.


A round trip around the mighty lake begins in Chicago on the southwest bank. The metropolis with millions awaits with an abundance of cultural sights. Visit the Adler Museum with one of the oldest planetariums in North America and be enchanted by modern laser shows.
Attend a performance by the Lyric Opera of Chicago, one of the leading opera houses in the United States. Along the west coast to the north you will reach Green Bay on the bay of the same name. Railway fans will love the National Railroad Museum with its time-honored wagons and locomotives. Around the north shore of Lake Michigan, the recreation areas Palms Book State Park, Hiawatha National Forest and Lake Superior State Forest invite you to enjoy exciting hiking and canoeing tours, swimming and fishing. In the northeast, in Michigan, the Sleeping Bear Dunes nature reserve attracts with its spectacular, up to 140 meter high sand dunes. In Traverse City, the nationwide popular cherry festival takes place every year in July, when three million cherry trees bloom.

Tips on how to get there and the best time to travel

Around Lake Michigan there is largely a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. Between June and August the temperatures are often up to 30 ° C. The best times for active trips are the temperate spring months of April and May and the autumn months of September and October. Early autumn is recommended as there are fewer strong winds here.

While in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin you have to calculate with seven hours difference to the Central European time, in Michigan it is six hours. Flights from all over the world reach Lake Michigan at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

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In the cultivated small town of Traverse City there is not only cherries, but also a lively catering and shopping scene for everyone.


Visit the historical indoor and outdoor museum, a classic car paradise, in which there are also various state cars to see.


42 miles full of bizarre rock formations and colorful layers of rock make the cliffs at Lake Superior so famous.


Family-friendly activities and a beach buggy tour of the dune landscape can be enjoyed on Lake Michigan.


Cultural highlights as well as musical and industrial heritage in Motor City

Detroit is located in the midwestern United States and is the largest city in the state of Michigan. It is located on the Canadian border, on the Detroit River between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie. The city was founded in 1701 by French settlers as a place to trade fur, and over time has grown into the fourth largest city in the United States and an important commercial center – especially for the auto industry.

The lively metropolis has around 700,000 inhabitants and is no longer just an absolute insider tip among Americans. In addition to the city’s cultural and especially musical heritage, Detroit scores with a wide variety of innovative shops, restaurants and bars and attracts numerous visitors from all over the world.

Michigan Zip Codes