Microsoft Should Stop Live Messenger; Skype Continues

The launch of Skype 6.0 a few days ago left more integrated program accounts Microsoft, something that was natural since they are web services from the same company. Integration also gave strength to rumors that Microsoft will soon choose every one of the programs to keep: the Windows Live Messenger or Skype, as they keep the two is something probably unnecessary. Today we have another clue of who should run: Windows Live Messenger.

Multiple sources of the site The Verge said this week possibly even Microsoft will announce the discontinuation of its instant messenger. In its place, the alternative offered is Skype, which has the great advantages over Windows Live Messenger the ability to make VoIP calls and video conferencing, two items that the oldest messenger of Microsoft performed badly and nastily.

But not all flowers: integration with Microsoft accounts is far from easy and simple, as we have explained our intrepid Thássius Veloso, who had trouble linking your accounts at the time of the launch of Skype 6.0.

Windows Live Messenger is responsible for a good share of the exchange of messages on the web: according to figures from 2009 from Microsoft, it had about 330 million users and its latest version is Windows Live Messenger 2012, released in August of that year. So it’s natural that Microsoft do what it can to keep these numbers at the top – even if it means cannibalizing a program for another.

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