Microsoft Smart Watch: Stylish concept from Hannover

Including Cortana and individually customizable background: The designer has created an interesting concept for a Microsoft smart watch nadir Aslam from Hanover, which meets even highest demands on the outside – she has a classic design with round screen, leather strap and a physical button on the side.
His concept of a Microsoft smart watch provides a Windows as an operating system for wearables that is to insert his ideas according to Windows PC, Windows phone and Windows Xbox in the Microsoft ecosystem. The watch presents Aslam together with their many features on the showcase Portal BÄ“hance, where designerscan publish their ideas.
Important information at a glance
On the round display of the Microsoft smart watch all important information is displayed, for example weather, date, time, and the number of calls received on your smart phone and messages. The latter can be answered directly from the smart watch, for example via the microphone icon – speech input is then automatically converted into written text.
A special feature is the integration of language assistants Cortana: this is called with “Hey, Cortana” and then answers questions or executes commands. Alternatively, Cortana is called on a special icon and a wiping motion what is to work from any app and all screens out.
Because it is only a concept, the designers had to worry about, as the many practical features are actually brought into a respectable shape – when a possible Microsoft Smart watch will appear and what they really can via SmarterComputing, is still in the stars. There are rumors but also fitness and health features including should be.