Microsoft Will Charge a Fee to Compal by Each Device Manufactured Android

We know that the theme of the already weary sounds a little repeated patent war by Android in which they talked about the ongoing legal war stories and rates that are subject the manufacturer to bring Android, but it is that the topic is more important than many can think since always the same companies are benefiting by a patent system that in the eyes of Europeans it seems absurd.

Although a few weeks ago we gave a new chapter in the battle of lawsuits and litigation in which we gave to Microsoft winning the right to demand a rate at a components factory, now sadly the battle has had the same result, the same winner and a new loser that Steve Ballmer company can make a profit based on registered patents.

This time it’s another manufacturer’s components, the Taiwanese company Compal Electronics, that you will pay the famous Microsoft tax to the American software giant, as they already do such important companies in the world Android as HTC or Samsung. With the signing with Compal ensure that practically half of Android devices who come to sell in the market report money to Microsoft. Compal is one of the leading ODM (Original Design manufacturing), or manufacturers for other companies, along with Wistron and Quanta. Some important customers of Compal are Dell, HP or Toshiba.

Under the agreement, the collected devices are tablets, phones, ebook readers, and any other device with Android or Chrome OS. Above you can see a graph of the companies that Microsoft charges a license for selling Android devices (green line) and the companies that are suing others for a still alleged violation of rights, seeing that the winners are always Microfot and Apple and manufacturers have not left never well unemployed no indictment.

Microsoft, in contrast to past statements by Steve Jobs that both stir brought, you want to put an end to the competition, but not Terminal take off with its Windows Phone system despite his deal with Nokia, he seems willing to move to any company can use Android, or at least to mitigate the damage they are doing in the form of rate.

Surprisingly, while Google confess publicly that one of the reasons why the bought Motorola Mobility was pos his not inconsiderable amount of more than a thousand patents on behalf of the company and that the Mountain View company now owns, and it was more typical of extortion after threat that the attitude of Microsoft has not yet made any firm movement.