Microsoft Wins Another Patent Battle against Motorola and Google

The patent war not let Android with head, if allowed to the expression. We continue to see fierce legal battles and major fines for software patents that are disputed only in United States but end up impacting globally to the end user, and also are not used to dictate who plagiarizes to whom, but to attack the competition accusing them of theft of market.

If a few hours ago we saw that Apple won a lawsuit against HTC for the use of Android, now sadly we see that Microsoft is the winner, This time, and to the surprise of many, against Motorola Mobility, now owned by Google. It is the result of a series of lawsuits initiated by Microsoft on Windows Mobile patent infringement. The patents in question relate to memory monitoring, update contacts and synchrony with private cloud as services management online and offline.

Turning to the statements of those involved, this news came to light by Brad Smith, general counsel of Microsoft, which makes the following comment, which shows that they will continue with the patent war

The ITC found evidence of violation of patents of Microsoft by Motorola. Another shows that patents are the best way for the industry

With this, the purchase of Motorola for its patents seems to have not been the most suitable option to defend Android, and leaves a path of uncertainty for manufacturers who come have to pay a fee to Microsoft and fines to Apple to be able to market their products.