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The Mall of America is the largest shopping center in the world in Minnesota. However, the land of 10,000 lakes also offers untouched nature and invites you to outdoor activities. Minnesota is part of the so-called Midwest and extends to the Canadian border.

There are numerous bodies of water in this region, which is why the state is also called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. One of them is the Upper Lake, the largest of the five Great Lakes and the largest freshwater lake in the world in terms of area. The state received the name Minnesota, which means “sky colored water”, from the language of the Indian tribe of the Dakota-Sioux.


Minneapolis as the largest metropolis and St. Paul as the capital together form the so-called twin cities. Popular attractions include the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi or the Cathedral of Saint Paul, built in the style of the French Renaissance. Another highlight is a visit to the Mall of America, which with 520 shops is the most visited shopping center in the USA.

Car tours are recommended to explore the scenic beauties of Minnesota. A fixed point is a trip to the huge Upper Lake. Here are very beautiful sections of coast and one of the most beautiful parks in the country, the Superior National Forest. In the middle of the dense forests of the taiga, the gentle elevations of the Sawtooth Mountains pile up and make excellent hikes possible. Also worth a visit is the Voyageurs National Park on the border with Canada, which offers a wild and romantic atmosphere especially in autumn due to the colorful foliage and canoe trips on its numerous lakes are also possible.

Travel tips and best travel time

Minnesota, the North Star State, is in the Central Standard Time Zone and has a seven hour time difference. The largest airport is Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, which also maintains direct connections to German cities. The climate in Minnesota is continental. Winters can be extremely cold due to polar air currents, but it can also get very humid and hot in the summer months. The best travel times are therefore spring and autumn.

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Numerous lakes and bays characterize this national park in the north of Minnesota. Perfect for trips on the water with a canoe etc.


This gigantic mall is home to around 500 shops, hotels, an adventure park and therefore has more to offer than many a small town.


Learn a lot of interesting facts about eagles and other birds of prey and contribute to their protection and research with your visit.


The Itasca State Park attracts with beautiful nature and a wide range of sporting activities in the cool water.

Minnesota Zip Codes