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Marvel at the Gateway Arch of St. Louis during your Missouri trip and hike in the many parks on the wonderful Ozark plateau.

The US state of Missouri is located in the Midwest and is located on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The so-called Show Me State, like the river, was named after an Indian tribe and was once part of French Louisiana. The state is best known for the metropolis of St. Louis, but also for its beautiful river landscapes.


Jefferson City, the state capital, was named after Thomas Jefferson. The tranquil city lies on the Missouri River and has numerous attractions. The State Capitol and the former Missouri State Penitentiary prison are particularly popular and can be visited on a tour. The most famous city in the state, however, is St. Louis. Located on the Mississippi, the Gateway Arch is particularly impressive. This archway is reminiscent of the western expansion of the United States and towers over the entire city with its 192 meters. Other highlights in the metropolis are the Old Cathedral built by the French and the 31-hectare Missouri Botanic Garden. Outside the cities, the state can also offer a lot in the Midwest. Particularly popular, especially when hiking, is the plateau of the Ozark plateau in the south. Here is also the Grand Gulf State Park, which impresses with a 40 meter deep gorge and a partially accessible cave system. Another scenic highlight is the Elephant Rocks State Park. This park in southeast Missouri takes its name from a rock formation that looks like a group of elephants. In addition to this unique photo motif, there are also excellent hiking trails.

Travel Tips and Best Travel Times

The main traffic intersection in Missouri is the Lambert-Saint Louis International Airport. When arriving, make sure that the time difference between the Midwest and Germany is seven hours. The weather in the US state is characterized by a humid continental climate. It can get very cold in the winter months, which is why we recommend spring and autumn in particular for the trip.

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The symbolic gateway to the west is a 200 meter high arched monument. You can take a train to the viewing platform.


Artists have created a kind of adventure park here from converted architectural and industrial objects. Spectacular!


The largest and oldest brewery of this brand is located in St. Louis. Here you can take part in a master brewer tour and visit the beer school.


The Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, founded in 1859, is one of the largest and oldest botanical gardens in the world with 32 hectares.

Kansas City

City of Fountains

Kansas City is a highlight in the Midwest and is often referred to by connoisseurs as “KC”. This creative city lies on the border with the state of Kansas, directly on the Missouri River, and owes its nickname “City of Fountains” to the more than 200 fountains that shape the cityscape. Kansas City is best known for its jazz, but there is much more to discover here.

The cultural offer inspires with museums such as the National WWI Museum and Memorial and the American Jazz Museum. Whether lively and hip like downtown and Westport or historically and artistically like West Bottoms and Crossroads Arts District – the diverse districts of Kansas City are a must for every visit. The warm hospitality and the irrepressible zest for life of the locals ensure that you will feel completely comfortable in Kansas City.


Kansas City Jazz was born in the 1920s and became known across the city in the United States. Jazz music is still very popular in Kansas City today. Anyone interested in this genre should
pay a visit to the lively 18th & Vine district . Jazz legends like Charlie Parker and Count Basie once created the sound of their music here, but today the American Jazz Museum illuminates the history, sounds and artists of jazz with its interactive exhibition.

In the evenings, numerous bars and clubs in Kansas City with live music create a good atmosphere – many of them are located in the entertainment district Power & Light District in downtown Kansas City.


Kansas City gastronomy is all about barbecuing, which has a long tradition here. The Kansas City Barbecue is characterized by the special preparation in which the meat is smoked very slowly. The juicy result is served with a fruity barbecue sauce – delicious!

In the world capital of barbecues, you can feast in more than 100 grill restaurants. Famous restaurants include Gates Bar-BQ and Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue. Grill fans should not miss the World Series of Barbecue – the world’s largest grill competition. This event takes place every year in September as part of the American Royal Festival.

South of the Missouri River, the Kansas City River Market also promises a culinary adventure. With more than 140 stalls, the historic market offers a huge selection of fresh products as well as local and international specialties.


Explore the wild west around Kansas City. Due to its location on the Missouri River, the city was the ideal starting point for the settlement of the American West, and many places still bear witness to those times.

Visit the National Frontier Trails Museum in Independence, where you’ll learn about the Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail, and California Trail pioneering routes. Let yourself be transported back to the 19th century at Missouri Town 1855, a Living History Museum, and enjoy great entertainment at the American Royal, the festival with cattle and horse shows and traditional rodeo.


Those interested in art and culture are in the right place in Kansas City. Fantastic performances from ballet, theater and orchestra await you at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.
One of the city’s most famous museums is the National WWI Museum and Memorial. It houses one of the largest collections of objects from the First World War. Part of the museum is the Liberty Memorial Tower, which offers a wonderful view of the city. Directly opposite is the restored Union Station, where there are numerous attractions and traveling exhibitions – such as the Science City and the Planetarium. Art lovers admire great works from around the world at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

St. Louis

The gateway to the west

St. Louis is located on the Illinois border, right on the Mississippi River, and is considered a particularly exciting, cosmopolitan city. Whether you are a gourmet or a music lover – St. Louis shines with varied attractions and popular sights, as well as culinary delights and a unique music scene. Go on a tour of the various districts of St. Louis, such as Downtown, Soulard and Central West End. To admire St. Louis from a bird’s eye view, it is worth visiting the observation deck of the famous Gateway Arch, the symbol of the city.

In the evening, first-class restaurants invite you to delicious dishes. Grilled dishes such as juicy pulled pork are particularly popular.

Enjoy this diverse city in the US Midwest to the fullest!


The city’s most famous landmark is the Gateway Arch. A fascinating building dedicated to the former expansion of the United States to the west. It has a viewing platform in the top of the arch, which offers magnificent views of the city and its surroundings. In the museum, which is part of the archway, you can find out about the history of the indigenous people and the pioneers.

The Missouri Botanical Garden is also worth a visit. The differently themed gardens promise a wonderful excursion into the countryside. Be sure not to miss the St. Louis Art Museum and Old Courthouse, Forest Park, and St. Louis Zoo.


Discover the diverse music scene of St. Louis, which offers fantastic live music every night from well-known as well as emerging artists. Whether blues or jazz, pop and rock or country – hip and modern venues can be found in neighborhoods such as Soulard and the Grand Center Arts District. Enjoy great music at concerts in the Broadway Oyster Bar, the Schlaftly Tap Room and the 1860 Saloon.

The National Blues Museum is the right place for anyone who not only likes to listen to live music, but also wants to learn more about music history. The exhibition illuminates the history of the blues and shows how this genre has influenced modern music styles.


The fabled highway that once connected Chicago and Los Angeles also ran through St. Louis. It was one of the largest cities along the iconic route, and its influence on the city can still be seen today. Pay a visit to the restaurants in the classic diner style and try the hearty and sweet delicacies that are on the menus there – both the Eat-Rite Diner and the Donut Drive-In are a must. The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge with its architectural peculiarity – a bend in the middle of the river – is part of the history of this highway. When you cross the bridge you feel like you are in a different time.


St. Louis is known for baseball and home to the St. Louis Cardinals. Every season, passionate fans from all over the region flock to the Busch Stadium to cheer on their team and celebrate their victories. Perhaps a game will also take place during your visit to St. Louis – it is worthwhile to experience the special atmosphere in the stadium up close.

Missouri Zip Codes